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IVIG Demonstration Reminders for Suppliers and Beneficiaries - IVIG

IVIG Demonstration Reminders for Suppliers and Beneficiaries

Noridian would like to share some important reminders on the successful submission of IVIG demonstration applications:

  • Before faxing or mailing the IVIG application form, ensure that the following fields are complete and accurate:
    • MBI in Box 4, and
    • Beneficiary signature and date in Box 17, and
    • Physician NPI in Box 20, and
    • Physician signature and date in Box 21.
  • If any of these elements are missing, this will delay the processing of the application, as we will need to call the beneficiary or physician to obtain this information.
  • The IVIG demonstration program is only for beneficiaries who receive immune globulin intravenously (through a vein). We have been receiving many applications where Box 10 is marked subcutaneously. We will call on each of these applications to ensure the beneficiary will be switching to receiving IVIG intravenously in the future prior to processing the application.
  • Please ensure that all three pages of the application are faxed or mailed. All three pages must be received prior to the processing of the application.

Below are reminders about checking the status of applications and the eligibility of beneficiaries for the demonstration program:

  • Beneficiaries must have Original Medicare Fee-for-Service as their primary insurance to be eligible to enroll in the demonstration. If a beneficiary has a Medicare Advantage plan of any kind, they are not eligible to enroll.
  • If you are working with a beneficiary for the first time, contact the IVIG demonstration line to see if the beneficiary might already be enrolled in the demonstration. This prevents paperwork from being completed unnecessarily.


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