VIPS Provider Inquiry System (VPIQ) / Claims Status Inquiry (CSI)

Important Note: The below information is not the Noridian Medicare Portal.

VPIQ/CSI allows suppliers to check eligibility and claim status (paid, denied or pending claims). Suppliers can check the status of claims within three days of a successful transmission. There are two options for accessing VPIQ/CSI: Direct Data Entry (DDE) or Batch Mode (276/277 transaction).

VPIQ/CSI requires a connectivity service provided by an external company to establish the connection. It is the supplier's responsibility to coordinate connectivity services. Information regarding IVANS and Visionshare connectivity services can be found on the Noridian EDI website. For Batch Mode access, separate software is required. For more information about Batch Mode (276/277 transaction), contact the Common Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI) Help Desk at 1-866-311-9184.

Noridian is responsible for assigning user IDs and terminating access. The Medicare Claims Processing System (MCPS) Form and Instructions [PDF] is used for all security changes/updates.

Users who are experiencing difficulty signing into VPIQ/CSI are encouraged to contact User Security at 866-419-9458.



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