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The Noridian website is built using current technology. Providers are encouraged to use compatible website browsers.

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Heading Features

  • The heading contains the Noridian logo, which serves as a hyperlink to the Noridian Medicare homepage
  • The Jurisdiction of the contract and a description of the area of coverage is located in the center.
  • Hyperlinks to obtain contact phone and mailing information, access to help (technical resources), and to log into the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) are provided.
  • A search field is also available within the heading of the website.

Heading features search, contact, portal, and help

Category and Subcategory Navigation Menu

  • The content has been categorized based on analysis of inquiries, necessary resources, frequency of updates, and groupings of similar resources.
  • For most categories, two-to-three subtopics have been provided to assist providers in their website navigation. The fly-out-navigation content listing is not all-inclusive. Suppliers can either select the main category or they may hover and use their mouse to select a second level subtopic. In the image below, Fees & News is the main category, Fee Schedules is a subcategory, and six subtopics have been listed for supplier convenience.

Category navigation topics and subtopic fly-out display

Categorized Contents

Contents accessible within the categorized are summarized in the following table:


Contents Included

Browse by Topic

Contains resources for claim submission, ABNs, competitive bidding, documentation, Noridian Medicare Portal, enrollment, ICD 10, fraud and abuse, same or similar, and remittance advice and other commonly accessed resources.

Browse by DMEPOS Category

Contains resources that are specific to a topic Enteral, Glucose, Nebulizers, Oxygen, PAP, PMDs, Refractive Lenses, and Therapeutic Shoes. Each page contains resources to the policies, training material, widespread reviews, and CMS resources.

Fees & News

Includes the fee schedules and related hyperlinks, bulletins, Latest Update articles before they are placed in a bulletin, frequently asked questions, and the email list registration webpage.


Contains the Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) including active, draft, future, retired as well as National Coverage Determinations and related resources for commenting on Medicare policy development. Suppliers can access documentation checklists as well as Physician Resources Letters to help them communicate with their referring/ordering providers.

Medical Review

Resources for submitting Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) and Advance Determination of Medicare Coverage (ADMC). There is also information about the various entities who conduct review of claims processed by Medicare, including Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT), Noridian's Medical Review, OIG, Recovery Auditor, and others.

Education & Outreach

A schedule of events for the events facilitated by Noridian as well as event materials, tutorials, CMS materials, and the supplier manual are offered from this website category.

Claims & Appeals

This page contains information regarding appeals, paper and electronic claim submission, Medicare Secondary Payer, overpayments and refunds and PECOS edits.


A listing of the forms offered throughout the website is consolidated on this webpage.



Breadcrumb navigation (or trail), locates the current webpage in the context of a navigation path. By viewing the breadcrumb trail content from left to right, a user will find a visible record of the decisions while they have navigated the website. The items within the breadcrumb trail serve as hyperlinks to the identified web category and/or page.

Homepage Content Elements

  • "I Want To" offers hyperlinks to the most frequently performed supplier tasks on the website such as accessing active LCDs, viewing the fee schedule, appealing a clam decision, or registering to attend an educational event.
  • Latest Updates contain the most recently published ten articles. These articles are later distributed in the Noridian biweekly email and published in the quarterly bulletin as applicable.
  • The phone number and hours of availability for reaching Customer Service and Telephone Reopenings and the holiday schedule and training closure schedules are available on the right-hand side of the website.
  • System Notices will be updated in the event there is a service disruption to the contact center, IVR or portal performance.
  • Advertisements appear in the center of the page with a brief statement that serves as the hyperlink to learn more about the topic. Each six seconds, the advertisement will rotate but they advertisements do cycle back through to reappear. Arrows before and after the image can be used to navigate among the advertisements.
  • The Welcome New Supplier section helps people complete ten important tasks very quickly to get the most out of their first website visit, including registering for the email list, bookmarking the website, and seeing what training events are available.
  • The homepage contains advertisement campaigns which last for an extended period of time and would not be well communicated through a rotating, six-second advertisement. These campaigns are often on major program implementation changes or CMS deadlines such as ICD-10 implementation. 

Homepage tasks, articles, contact, system issues and ads

Footer Information

The footer contains hyperlinks to resources our website visitors may need regardless of where they may have navigated to on our website. These include hyperlinks to contact our office, access resources to assist with the website navigation, tools, external websites, and the email list registration.

Footer contact, support, tools, external links and email signup

Navigation Features

Website visitors may navigate by clicking on the hyperlinks offered throughout navigation menus, using the Site Map, or using the search engine.

Navigation Menus

In addition to the categories and subcategories offered throughout the site and described above, as a website visitor selects a link, a left-hand navigation menu specific to that category is displayed. There are some webpages that are only applicable if a website visitor has elected to review information about a specific topic; therefore, every webpage may not be listed within the left-hand navigation. The content would be accessible as a hyperlink within the body of that applicable topics' webpage.


Left hand navigation with and without sub topics

Site Map

The Site Map is a listing of the contents available within each category and subcategory offered throughout this website.

Search Engine

Website visitors may conduct a search using a specific term or phrase (enclosed in quotes) to locate all available resources published on that topic. The title, applicable source, and excerpt is provided to assist the website visitor in deciding which search result was applicable for the business need.

When a search result is returned, a listing is offered which displays the topics and categories on the website that contained the searched term or phrase as well as how many search results a specific topic offers. Selecting that topic will allow the visitor to see the specific search results located within that topic. This ability to narrow search results by topic, description and even publication date is offered to meet provider's website expectations.

External Website Hyperlinks

Noridian uses a symbol, This link will take you to an external website. , to indicate if a hyperlink or group of hyperlinks will navigate to an external, non-Noridian, website.


Last Updated Nov 22, 2016