Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group (POE AG) Meeting Minutes - July 12, 2018

POE Advisory Group Mission and Goals


  • To determine the best methods of providing quality education and training to our supplier community.


  • Develop timely, useful, relevant educational opportunities for our suppliers
  • Provide input in the creation, implementation and review of Provider Education and Training
  • Determine innovative, cost effective methods of using technology in provider education and training CMS Internet Only Manual (IOM), Publication 100-09, Chapter 6.

Reminder: We meet on a quarterly basis to discuss educational opportunities that Noridian Education can provide to suppliers through workshops, our website, and our listserv. We aren't able to discuss claim-specific questions or issues you may be seeing with claims. Please direct those questions to our Supplier Contact Center where they can be researched and resolved.

POEAG member Attendees: Wayne Bradberry, Leonard Coulombe, Patty Donndelinger, Pamela Fritz, Dawn Jorgensen, Carolyn Koster, Noel Neil, Deb Silvers, Barb Stockert, Shannon Truman, Rosa Gomez

CMS Attendees: none:

Noridian Attendees Diana Duchscherer, Cindy White, Paula Berriche, Trina St. Ours, Chuck Cassada, Colleen Harryman, Bekah Nelson, Lu Newell

Standing agenda items

  1. Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)
    • Look-Up tool available on the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP)
    • Regular updates on the Noridian website, in listserv, on webinars, any presentation given
      1. Has that been enough? Could we change anything?
    Members are reporting that there are no MBI issues at this time.
  2. Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE)
    • Results on the JD website under Medical Review>Medical Review results
    • What education could be provided for TPE and assistance in reduction of the error rates?

    Members commented that it would be beneficial to have a mechanism to provide feedback to clinicians when claims are reviewed and denied for insufficient clinical records. Noridian responded that we are continually looking for avenues to collaborate with Part A/B to assist in that communication. In addition, we always encourage that suppliers invite referrals to an e-visit.

    It was also noted that not all policies have TPE cases open and that is the reason that there are policies that do not show any current error rate.

Review Criteria Current Error Rate
Diabetic Supplies TPE Reviews 66%
Enteral Nutrition TPE Reviews 14%
Hospital Bed TPE Reviews 34%
Immunosuppressive Drug TPE Reviews 14%
Manual Wheelchair TPE Reviews 43%
Nebulizer TPE Reviews 15%
Oxygen TPE Reviews 37%
Parenteral Nutrition 100%
Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) TPE Reviews 7%
Surgical Dressing TPE Reviews 93%
Urological Supplies TPE Reviews 33%


Follow up information from previous meeting

  1. Request for DME and Part B joint webinar on Oral Appliance
    • Remains pending
  2. Training Curriculum status
    • Outline complete identifying topics and existing resources
  3. Noridian Medicare Portal
    • Number of oxygen months request has been submitted
    • Same/similar for ventilators remains pending
  4. Joint webinar with CBIC
    • Remains pending
  5. MSI Survey
    • If you were unable to complete this survey, can you help us understand what prevented you from doing so? This survey is critical to Noridian's ability to receive funding to provide continued enhancements.

Consensus is that the MSI survey is too long, takes too much time and the window to complete the survey is too short. Suppliers suggested that perhaps there are other opportunities that could be explored like allowing suppliers to respond to questions while on hold or creating a mechanism for year-round feedback.

  1. Clinician's Corner
    • Launched in June
    • What are your observations?
      • Suppliers appreciate this option and will have more comments as time passes and they have more opportunity to utilize this new resource.

New Items

  1. Do you follow Noridian on Facebook?
    • If not, why not? What could we do to enhance our social media presence?

Feedback was given that those who use social media like the Facebook option and those who are not regular Facebook users were just not social media interested. It was also noted that there is a layered concern about appropriate use of time in the workplace. Many employers do not want staff on social media during work hours. Others simply prefer the website, though it was noted that Facebook might be of more interest if there were more content look-up ability and not just announcements.

Noridian noted that we are pursuing a more mobile friendly website platform and hope to see that introduced soon.

  1. Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE) Lookup Tool – launched
    • Comments?

No additional comments

  1. Consolidated Billing tool – launched
    • Comments?

No additional comments

  1. QMB education
    • Has this been adequate?
    • What do suppliers need?

No additional comments

  1. Respiratory Assist Device (RAD) Dear Physician letters published at the end of June
    • Have you seen them?
    • Will they provide assistance?

Members noted that they are printing the new letters and using them. Experience has been that these have been well received.

  1. Noridian led the effort to provide the first ALL MAC collaborative web tutorial on Documentation needed for DME
    • Have you listened to it?
    • Have you recommended it to your referrals? How could we make this more appealing to referral sources?
      • No additional comments. Noridian requested review prior to next meeting and provide comments then.

Additional suggestions from POEAG members


  1. What educational enhancements should POE be working on?
    • Information on competitive bid was requested and Noridian noted that we are not the competitive bid implementation contractor (CBIC) and as such cannot provide any education on competitive bid.
    • An error rate for refractive lenses was requested and Noridian agreed to reach out to our CERT staff and see what was available from CERT since we are not reviewing refractive lenses.
    • Members requested consideration of more education related to the provision of DMEPOS items in conjunction with ambulatory services. (i.e. total hip replacement with a one-day hospital staff and prescription of such items as walkers, canes and CPM machines.)

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