Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group (POEAG) Meeting Minutes - July 16, 2020

POE Advisory Group Mission and Goals


  • To determine the best methods of providing quality education and training to our supplier community.


  • Develop timely, useful, relevant educational opportunities for our suppliers
  • Provide input in the creation, implementation and review of Provider Education and Training
  • Determine innovative, cost effective methods of using technology in provider education and training CMS Internet Only Manual (IOM), Publication 100-09, Chapter 6.

Member attendees: Wayne Bradberry, Kim Brummett, Ronda Buhrmester, Allen Clark, Cindy Coy, Heather Dixon, Patty Donndelinger, Pamela Fritz, Sherry Givens, Dawn Jorgensen, Taylor Know, Carolyn Koster, Eileen Levis, Linda Lewis, Theresa McCrary, Noel Neil, Erica Rochelle

CMS attendee: Alikia Mack

Noridian attendees: Colleen Harryman, Kate Petersen, Cindy White, Melissa Kuznia, Courtney Willis, Kate Holten

Standing agenda items

  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency (PHE)
    • Noridian: We are aware there is an FAQ, but we do not have finalized education we can provide.
  2. Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE)
    • Suspended during the COVID-19 PHE
    • No update on when TPE will resume
  3. Education for Practitioners
    • Addition as we look for opportunities
    • Suggested emphasis on dictation of medical records which Noridian incorporates into all practitioner education opportunities
    • Noridian partners with A/B for global education opportunities

Follow up information from previous meeting


  1. Increased Fraud & Abuse education
    1. Education slides were created and have been incorporated into Monday Live Chat as well as other webinars.
  2. Tool that encompasses codes that are not covered/allowed
    1. There is a listing of the most common non-covered items under the “Browse by Topic” header


  1. L200 for Ventilators
    1. Continues in Process
    2. Noridian continues to seek examples of scenarios from the supplier community for inclusion in the webinar
    3. Send examples to  
  2. Provide denial rate affirmation on prior authorization and conduct targeted training
    1. On hold until following the end of the PHE as PAR is voluntary at this time
  3. Suggestion for education on billing oxygen when the beneficiary has a commercial insurance primary and Medicare secondary
    1. Project is in progress

Orthotics & Prosthetics (O & P)

  1. O & P Training Program for Competitive Bid
    1. Webinars and educational materials are being prepared. Plan to launch in the fall.
  2. List of same and similar tips to avoid unnecessary denials
    1. Suggest use of Browse by Topic > Remittance Advice > Denial Code resolution
    2. Are there other denial code combinations you would like to see included?
  3. Off the shelf coding more visible/training
    1. O & P Associations received information on the Joint DME MAC publication, Off-the-Shelf versus Custom Fitted revised article in the 2020 Q2 Newsletter
    2. The article is also being promoted in webinars with a targeted informational slide.
    3. DME on Demand moved to YouTube, June 25, 2020

New Items


  1. All DME on Demands are now on the YouTube platform


  1. Jurisdiction D is partnering with the corresponding Part B states for an Oxygen Coverage and Documentation requirement webinar on July 29
    1. Success will be evaluated and then offered to the Part B jurisdictions corresponding to JA states (NGS and Novitas) as well as WPS which has two states for Part B within Jurisdiction D.
  2. Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT) DME focused scheduled for August 13

O & P

  1. Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT) specific to O & P scheduled for November 12

Suggestions from POE Advisory Members

  1. O & P member indicated that webinars are wonderful, however they are spaced out too far sometimes for O & P topics. Suggested using Facebook posts weekly to highlight topics.
  2. Members interested in traffic on Facebook as many suppliers don’t want staff on Facebook or any social media during business hours.
    1. Noridian acknowledges that usage is low with only 357 followers to date.
    2. Suppliers suggested that a weekly text alert might be beneficial
      1. Noridian will look into that option
  3. It was also suggested that we consider a weekly listserv advertising the webinars for the week. The fact that they only appear on the listserv when posted to the schedule of events may contribute to suppliers missing that one opportunity. A more current update would be helpful.
    1. Noridian to consider taking this additional step.
  4. Also suggested was more webinar posting presence on the Noridian Medicare Portal as staff uses that much more frequently.
    1. Noridian will investigate with the portal team whether this option can be utilized.
  5. There is a need for more education on use of the KU modifier
    1. Noridian to work on this as well.

Next meeting: October 15, 3:00pm CT

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