June 2022

A listing of the individual articles included in the JD DME Happenings, dated June 2022 is provided. Each article title functions as a hyperlink to open to specific article.

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2022 Expansion for Face-to-Face (F2F) and Written Order Prior to Delivery (WOPD)
2022 HCPCS Code Update - April Edition - Correct Coding - Revised
April Quarterly Update for 2022 DMEPOS Fee Schedule CR12654
Are You Utilizing the Noridian Medicare Portal for All Your Self-Service Needs?
Billing Drugs or Supplies When the External Infusion Pump (EIP) is Beneficiary-Owned
Billing for Orthotics Requiring Prior Authorization in Acute Situations and Under Competitive Bidding
Billing Reminder for Mounting Hardware - HCPCS E1028
Calendar Year 2023 Modifications/Improvements to VBID Model – Implementation CR12688
Claim Status Category and Claim Status Codes Update CR12505
CMS Expands its Prior Authorization Program for Orthotics and Power Mobility
Code Verification Review Requirement for Lower Limb Orthoses (L1832, L1833, and L1851) and Lumbar Sacral Orthoses (L0648 and L0650)
Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Alert: What You Need to Know Following April 1 Code Changes
Continuous Glucose Monitors - Correct Coding and Billing - Revised
Correct Coding and Billing of Halo Procedure
Elimination of Certificates of Medical Necessity & DME Information Forms SE22002
Glucose Monitors and Testing Supplies Tutorials Available 24/7
How Pricing Is Identified for Certain Products
Identifying if the Referring Practitioner is Enrolled with PECOS
LCD and Policy Article Revisions Summary for April 21, 2022
LCD and Policy Article Revisions Summary for March 24, 2022
LCD Revisions Summary for April 28, 2022
LCD Revisions Summary for March 10, 2022
Many Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment Tutorials Available 24/7
Missing CMN or DIF Denials
MLN Connects - April 14, 2022
MLN Connects - April 21, 2022
MLN Connects - April 28, 2022
MLN Connects - April 7, 2022
MLN Connects - May 12, 2022
MLN Connects - May 19, 2022
MLN Connects - May 26, 2022
MLN Connects - May 5, 2022
MLN Connects Special Edition - April 11, 2022 - HHS Takes Actions to Promote Safety & Quality in Nursing Homes
MLN Connects Special Edition - April 18, 2022 - CMS Proposes Policies to Advance Health Equity & Maternal Health, Support Hospitals
MLN Connects Special Edition - April 4, 2022 - Biden-Harris Administration Announces a New Way for Medicare Beneficiaries to Get Free Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Tests
MLN Connects Special Edition - April 6, 2022 - Eligible Individuals Can Receive Second COVID-19 Booster Shot at No Cost
MLN Connects Special Edition - April 7, 2022 - Returning to Certain Pre-COVID-19 Policies & Coverage of Monoclonal Antibodies for Alzheimer's Disease Stakeholder Call
Nebulizers - Final LCD and Response to Comments (RTC) Article Published
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Continued Coverage
New Competitive Bid HCPCS Lookup Tool Now Available
New F2F, WOPD, and Prior Authorization Requirements Effective April 13, 2022
New WOPD and Face-to-Face Required List HCPCS Code Look Up Tool - Now Available
Noridian and Facebook
Osteogenesis Stimulator KF Modifier Use
PDAC Code Verification Reviews for CGM Devices - Coding and Billing
Policy Article Revisions Summary for April 14, 2022
Policy Article Revisions Summary for March 31, 2022
Policy Article Revisions Summary for May 26, 2022
Providing Accessories or Supplies for Beneficiary Owned Equipment
Quarterly Update for the DMEPOS CBP - April 2022 CR12569