September 2022

A listing of the individual articles included in the JD DME Happenings, dated September 2022 is provided. Each article title functions as a hyperlink to open to specific article.

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Noridian Medicare Portal - Removing Voice Call Option for MFA - July 1, 2022
Ostomy Supplies Refill Requirements
Parenteral Nutrition Tutorials
Phase 2 of Prior Authorization for Orthotics Beginning Soon
Policy Article Revisions Summary for July 7, 2022
Prior Authorization Requests Cannot Be Submitted Retroactively
Providing Accessories or Supplies for Beneficiary-Owned Equipment
Pub. 100-08, Chapter 5 Update - Planned Elimination of CMN and DIF Forms CR12726
Questions with Different Billing Situations
RARC, CARC, MREP and PC Print Update – Revised CR12774
Receiving Denials for Beneficiary with an HMO
Receiving Denials For Beneficiary With An HMO, Reason Code 109, Remark Code N418
Receiving Denials for HCPCS code is Inconsistent with Modifier Used or Required Modifier is Missing
Receiving Denials for Missing or Inappropriate Modifier on a Claim
Receiving Inpatient Denials with Reason Code 109, Remark Code N538 on your Remittance Advice
Resolving Denials for Reason Code 16 and Remark Code MA83
Round 2021 Competitive Bid
Round 2021 Zip Code Update
Significant Updates to Internet Only Manual (IOM) Publication (Pub.) 100-05 MSP Manual, Chapter 5 CR12765
Targeted Probe and Education (TPE) Pre-Payment Reviews
Website Feedback and Cookies
You Spoke, We Listened - August 5, 2022
Your Webinar Survey Comments Making a Difference
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