Medical Director Articles - 2013 and Prior

The term "article" is used to describe any bulletin article, web site article, educational handout or any other non-LCD document intended for public release that contains coverage/coding statements or medical review related billing or claims considerations.

Articles address local coverage, coding or medical review related billing and claims considerations, and may include any newly developed educational materials, coding instructions or clarification of existing medical review related billing or claims policy.

These articles are written collaboratively by all DME MAC Medical Directors and posted on all DME MAC websites.

Last Updated Aug 09 , 2018
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RETIRED - Surgical Dressings, PEN - New Modifiers DMD
RETIRED - Therapeutic Shoes - In-Person Fitting and Delivery DMD
RETIRED - Therapeutic Shoes - Policy Revision/ Documentation Requirements DMD
RETIRED - Therapeutic Shoes Modifiers Billing Reminder DMD
RETIRED - Toe Fillers and Diabetic Shoe Inserts - Coding Clarification DMD
RETIRED - Tracheostomy Care Kit - Coding Guidelines DMD
RETIRED - Treprostinil Inhalation Solution (Tyvaso) - Coding and Coverage DMD
RETIRED - Update on Accessories Used With RAD - Code K0534 DMD
RETIRED - Urological Supplies - A4353 Correct Coding Clarification Policy Revision DMD
RETIRED - Urological Supplies - Extension of A4353 Coding Guideline Effective Date to March 20, 2011 DMD
RETIRED - Vacuum Erection Devices (L7900) - Documentation Requirements DMD
RETIRED - Walker Unbundling Billing for Brakes DMD
Revised - Power Mobility Device Independent Testing Requirements (PDAC Article) DMD
Revised - Use of Upgrade Modifiers DMD
Revised Diagnosis Reporting Requirements for Routine Care Clinical Trial Services DMD
Specialty Nutrients - Documentation DMD
Standard Documentation Language for Local Coverage Determinations DMD
Submission Of Additional Information For Code K0010 DMD
Suction Catheters Oropharyngeal vs Tracheoesophageal DMD
Suction Pumps August 2011 Draft LCD - Summary of Comments With Responses DMD
Suggested Abbreviations When Reporting Additional Documentation Notations in the ANSI and NCPDP Formats DMD
Supplier Replacement of Beneficiary-owned Capped Rental Equipment Based upon Accumulated Repair Costs DMD
Supplies Used With Functional Electrical Stimulators (FES) – E0770 DMD
Surrogate UPINs DMD
Tape Modifiers AU, AV, AW, and AX - Sticky Billing Situations (Billing Clarifications) DMD
TPN Lessons Learned DMD
Tracheoesophageal Voice Prostheses - New HCPCS Codes DMD
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) Sold Over-the-Counter - Coding Guidelines DMD
Travel Oxygen DMD
Two New Codes Established for Miscellaneous Supplies DMD
Upgrades to Group 2 POVs (K0806-K0808) and Group 4 PWCs (K0868-K0886) DMD
Use of Upgrade Modifiers - Revised DMD
Usual Maximum Amount of Supplies DMD
Verbiage Changes for 2001 DMD
Voice Amplifiers Covered by Medicare DMD
Wheelchairs and K0004 Claim Documentation DMD
Whirlpool Baths and Additional Documentation DMD
“Fragmented” Billing for Non-Participating Suppliers DMD