Medical Director Articles - 2013 and Prior

The term "article" is used to describe any bulletin article, web site article, educational handout or any other non-LCD document intended for public release that contains coverage/coding statements or medical review related billing or claims considerations.

Articles address local coverage, coding or medical review related billing and claims considerations, and may include any newly developed educational materials, coding instructions or clarification of existing medical review related billing or claims policy.

These articles are written collaboratively by all DME MAC Medical Directors and posted on all DME MAC websites.

Last Updated Aug 09 , 2018
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RETIRED - HCPCS Code E0571 Clarification - Invalid DMD
RETIRED - Hospital Beds with Mattresses, Group I and Group II Support Mattresses DMD
RETIRED - Immunosuppressive Drugs - Everolimus (Zortress) DMD
RETIRED - Immunosuppressive Drugs - New Codes DMD
RETIRED - Immunosuppressive Drugs Coverage Requirements DMD
RETIRED - Immunosuppressive Drugs DIF Eliminated DMD
RETIRED - Initial Oxygen Testing Requirement for HMO Beneficiaries Joining Medicare Fee For Service January 2001 DMD
RETIRED - Joint DME MAC Article: Documentation & Billing Reminders for Enteral Nutrition Claims DMD
RETIRED - K0009 Manual Wheelchair - Coding Verification Review Requirement - Update (PDAC Article) DMD
RETIRED - Knee Orthoses - Locking Mechanisms DMD
RETIRED - L0430 Classification List DMD
RETIRED - LCD Revisions Released for Comment - Automatic External Defibrillators, Pneumatic Compression Devices, and Suction Pumps DMD
RETIRED - Nebulizer Drugs Units of Service (UOS) DMD
RETIRED - Negative Pressure Wound Therapy - LCD Documentation DMD
RETIRED - New Procedures to Use the ABN Form for DMEPOS Upgrades DMD
RETIRED - Oral Anti-Cancer Drugs - Coding and Billing Change DMD
RETIRED - Oral Anticancer Drugs - Covered Diagnoses DMD
RETIRED - Oxygen Concentrators - New Code DMD
RETIRED - Oxygen Enriching Systems - Payment Information DMD
RETIRED - Oxygen Policy Revision DMD