Provider Statistical & Reimbursement (PS&R) System

The Provider Statistical & Reimbursement (PS&R) system is a CMS system that accumulates and reports Medicare Part A claims data into categories needed for Medicare cost reporting. Providers utilize PS&R reports to accumulate statistical and payment data to prepare their Medicare cost reports, and Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) use this data to settle the cost reports.

The PS&R Redesign allows all users (Providers, MACs, CMS) the ability to download summary PS&R reports via the internet. Users are able to log on to the system and request their summary reports on an as-needed basis. MACs no longer produce and distribute these summary reports to their providers. It is the provider's responsibility to obtain their own reports needed for their cost report. Providers are able to request detailed PS&R reports (reconciliation reports) via the internet, but due to the sensitive data contained within these reports, the MACs continue to securely deliver these reports to providers. MACs continue to charge a reasonable fee for the generation of the detail reports, in excess of one per year.

The PS&R Redesign webpage is located at: and contains an overview of the system, user manuals, quick guides, and other helpful information.

The PS&R Redesign utilizes CMS Enterprise Identify Management (EIDM) for authentication and security purposes. All users must first establish an EIDM account and also be approved for PS&R access prior to attempting to access the PS&R Redesign. The EIDM allows users to obtain one ID and password needed to access multiple web-based systems, one of which is the PS&R system. Information regarding the EIDM process is located on the CMS website at The EIDM webpage contains descriptions of the processes and links to user guides that will assist with registration.

Providers and MACs must use EIDM to gain access to the PS&R Redesign. The Provider EIDM verification process includes the submission of supporting documentation, and may take weeks to complete the entire process.

The EIDM operates under a delegated authority model. Therefore the first person to register for a provider organization is the designated Security Official. This person is designated by the provider organization to be ultimately responsible for all users in the organization.

The Security Official will:

  • First register the organization in EIDM
  • Submit all required verification documentation, and
  • If approved, will then be given the ability to approve other users' access to the PS&R system.

The Security Official can approve users for access to EIDM and PS&R, but cannot access the PS&R application.

If a provider is part of a chain, each provider within the chain must register separately. The PS&R contains provider specific data and does not allow home offices or surrogate groups to access the data. If one Security Official will represent multiple providers, they may add the additional organizations to their EIDM account (they will not need a separate EIDM account for each). Each organization will be vetted using the normal approval process.

If the organization and Security Official have already been approved in EIDM for a different CMS system, they will not need to complete this initial registration process again. However, all subsequent users will still need to register in EIDM and for PS&R access.

To register in EIDM, use the following web link:

Once the Security Official has been approved (notified via email), other users can register for EIDM accounts. Each new user will be approved by their Security Official. Once they receive their EIDM ID and Password, the user may request, within EIDM, access to the PS&R application.

Providers must produce the Summary PS&R reports needed to file cost reports ending on or after January 31, 2009. There are many variations of report requests that can be made in the new system, which you may customize as you become familiar with system (see user guides and training materials). You can produce all PS&R Summary reports using the following steps:

  • Providers access PS&R using the following URL:
  • An EIDM log-in screen will appear, log-in using your EIDM ID and password,
  • On the main PS&R homepage, select "Request Report" (at the top of the page),
  • Then select "Request Summary" from the second line of the next screen,
  • On the Summary Reports Request page, select reports "By Service Type", and then "All" from the drop-down menu, and click "Continue" at bottom of page,
  • Enter Service Dates- the system will default to your cost report period. If one full cost report period is needed, these dates will not need to be changed. However, the date ranges may be changed if needed. Note - if period "splits" are needed for cost reporting, the date ranges will also need to be changed.
  • Select Paid Dates - you should select paid dates from the beginning of the cost report year to the latest possible date (date you are running the report),
  • Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page,
  • Select Report Format - you may select a PDF file (which can be easily read and printed), a CSV file (data file that can be imported to other software such as Excel), or both. Click "Continue" after selection is made,
  • Confirm your report request information, then click "Submit" to submit your report request for processing,
  • View "Report Inbox" to view status of request (we expect reports to be generated within 24 hours of the request),
  • Once completed, you can click the file to download or view.

Within the PS&R Redesign, users will find web-based training (WBT), help screens, and user manuals that will assist in becoming more familiar with the system.

Any user that has questions regarding EIDM should contact the EIDM help desk, External User Services (EUS), at 866-484-8049, or Any providers' PS&R application specific questions will continue to be directed to their MAC.


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