Provider Outreach and Education (POE) Advisory Group Minutes - March 13, 2018

Noridian Attendees

Claire Anderson, Elizabeth Barton, Tammy Ewers, Tanya Hultin, Heather Langei-Watters, Scott Oien

POEAG Member Attendance

Susan Albaitis, Angela Amey, Wesla Arambulo, Wendy Alfaro, Lynne Bautista, Cheryl Bradley, Davina Caraveo, Maureen Dolan, Nichole East, Fatma Girit, Jose Gonzalez, Tameka Island, Mitchel Kaye, Greg Labow, Susan LaPadula, Rick Lash, Avery Malate, Gail Nickerson, Shamynare Pullaro, Diane Przepiorski, Dawn Silva, Rob Sikorski, Wende Weckbacher

POEAG Mission, Goals

During each meeting, the Mission and Goals are reviewed.

Prior Meeting Minutes

The December 12, 2017 meeting minutes were distributed to POEAG members and published to the website January 10, 2018.

Prior Suggestions and Recommendations

The POEAG meeting recommendations and/or suggestions from the prior event with updates are reflected below.

Suggestion Date Description Resolution
09/12/17 SNF Electronic Document Submission Request for Skilled Nursing Facility providers on how to submit documents electronically. Noridian currently educates on this topic within existing SNF webinar presentations. Progress for additional documentation request submission is occurring.
12/12/17 Part A Remits on the Noridian Medicare Portal The MBI and Medical Review enhancements have taken priority for portal ehancements. Noridian sees values and continues to consider this one of our top portal projects to pursue after mandated enhancements are complete.
12/12/17 Home Health Discharge Status Offer Home Health discharge status information for outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation beneficiaries. We are working on a project to offer increased eligibility information as part of claim denials. Pre-clam (eligibility) inquiry information would need to be approved and prioritized as something CMS' HETS system releases. The Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) now has Home Health Episode History (HHEH) available in the Eligibility inquiry function including Payer name and ID, Provider number, Episode start and end date, and earliest and latest billing dates.
12/12/17 Track Changes in Published Policies Identify changes by publishing a "track change" version of final and/or draft policies. The recommendation was shared with Noridian's Contractor Medical Directors for future consideration.
12/12/17 Timely Events Covering Annual Program Changes Noridian was encouraged to offer timely events announcing Medicare changes prior to or early within a new calendar year to help providers prepare and be familiar with annual Medicare program changes. Noridian hosted a What's New webinar on January 10 with 351 providers in attendance.
12/12/17 TPE and Medical Review Webinar A request for a Targeted Probe & Educate (TPE) event that included Noridian Medical Review examiner insight on what they were observing was submitted to Medical Review. CMS has been contacted for their approval on education of this topic and conversations are underway for an event to increase awareness of the program.
12/12/17 340B Drugs and JG Modifier There was a request to ublish guides on JG modifier for billing 340B drugs. The CMS website information was shared with POEAG members after the December meeting.
Noridian published a 340B Drug Program webpage on January 30.
12/12/17 Intensive Cardiac Rehab Enrollment Webinar Conduct a Provider Enrollment webinar for provider specialty 31 (intensive cardiac rehab) covering credentialing, adding a supplier, TIN, new PTAN, and assignment of benefits, qualification vs. finalized discharge and system entry. Due to the minimal number of inquiries, Provider Enrollment offered to work directly with the POEAG member who had this education suggestion. February 20, 2018
09/12/17 In-Person Seminar Details Noridian indicated seminars for 2018 will be a partnership with hospitals to increase provider collaboration and attendance. We have solicited location information for summer/fall events and will be publishing the full listing as final locations are solidified.
09/12/17 ACO Detail Availability in DDE and Portal A member is looking for information regarding Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). There is information within the Common Working File and there is needed information regarding risks for the beneficiary. The request is to have additional details displayed in portal or DDE inquiries. Conversations with the POEAG member and the External Relations manager at Noridian are occurring. A meeting has occurred with our System Support team and Contact Center staff regarding the frequency of potential use. The enhancement for pre-claim submission (eligibility inquiry) purposes would need to prioritized by CMS for their system maintainers and/or HETS maintainer.


New Agenda Items

Prior to the meeting, Noridian solicited agenda topics from members and evaluated significant program changes to discuss.

  1. MAC Satisfaction Indicator
    • The annual JE MSI survey will begin March 12. CMS asks that each MAC encourage their POE AG members to help by communicating the importance of this survey within their peer community. This survey evaluates appeals, portal, IVR, Medical Review, EDI, Enrollment Contact Center, and Audit activities. It is not the same as the Foresee website/portal satisfaction survey. Share the survey importantce and hyperlink on/after March 12.
  2. New Medicare Card / Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)
    • MBI Look-up feature will launch by June 4, 2018. If the new number has not been issued or mailed as of the date of the inquiry, a message will be returned.
    • Providers will notice throughout our website, remittance advices and portal that the Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN) term is being replaced with Medicare ID or Medicare Number.
    • Noridian is partnering with our other Medicare contracts to conduct monthly webinars for providers and suppliers regarding the MBI and resources available.
  3. Self Service Enhancements
    • Website Changes: Effective April 1, 2018, any new powerpoint for our webinar presentations will no longer be published to the Event Material section of our website. Analysis showed the material was rarely downloaded. Attendees already receive the presentations as a download for the event. Having the presentations on our website negatively impacted the search engine results. Education is working to ensure the topic-specific webpages are comprehensive before removing. Effective June 2018, we will have the old presentations removed and our Event Materials webpage will be eliminated.
    • Social Media: On January 11, POEAG members were notified Noridian launched our Facebook site(s). The JE Facebook site has 89 followers. Topics we have promoted included the MSI survey, webinar promotions each Wednesday for upcoming events, preventive services, and information on the New Medicare Card. We are working launching our Youtube channel within the next week.
    • Upcoming Portal Enhancements: Providers will be able to interactwith Noridian's Medical Review department by viewing a copy of the Additional Documentation Request and submitting a secure message. The messaging feature allows providers access to ask questions of the Medical Review team and discuss protected information. We hope to share outreach on this new feature through website, email, and scheduled events as the launch date approaches this summer. In June, Noridian will be launching an MBI-Lookup. This is not associated with eligibility and related HIPAA transactions but does collect beneficiary details in order to deterimine if an MBI was mailed, and if so, will release that MBI number.
  4. Provider Enrollment
    • Noridian is partnering with CMS to host the National Provider Enrollment Conference in San Diego, CA occurring April 24 and 25th. The goal is for providers community to gain knowledge from experts at CMS and each Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs). All MACs will be attending and presenting various topics which allows attendees the opportunity to interact directly with top leadership at the Provider Enrollment Operations Group from CMS. Registration is open and available on our website.
  5. Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT)
    • The published national CERT error rate is 10.2%; Noridian JE is at 7.6 %.
    • Non response, no documentation, and insufficient documentation errors are common errors. Providers should respond to all requests they receive even if your response is to indicate you do not have records. Many insufficient documentation errors observed stem from the ordering physician and include missing and unsigned orders, certification/recertification, and missing signatures.
  6. Self Service Push February 5, 2018
    • Notification occurred thorugh a series of articles, IVR messaging, CSR messaging and educational event attendee awareness. Having provided a 30-day advance notification, the February 5 implementation date was seamless. Benefits have included an increase in eligibility, claim status and related portal transactions and decrease in call center inquiries and related wait time for providers.

Upcoming Events

We are excited for a Part B ACT on March 23 that will have appeal and claim processing experts available to answer provider inquiries. Providers can view training available by visiting the Education & Outreach section of our website. See:

New POEAG Suggestions and Recommendations

During each meeting, all POEAG members are asked to provide suggestions on ways to increase education, improve training methods, or elaborate on topics discussed during the meeting. Recommendations received are listed below.

  • For issues such as the KX modifier, outside of publishing as an Alert on the homepage, consider additional outreach or provider notification. Noridian will share the recommendation to include this as an article w/ the Self Service leadership to allow the item to be included in the listservs.
  • For the Provider Enrollment national conference, a recommendation to publish a listing of hotel conference discounts was received. Noridian shared that was not made available for this event but they are sharing it as a Lessons Learned from provider feedback as CMS prepares future co-hosted enrollment conferences with MACs.
  • With the removal of webinar presentation slides, how will that impact the website content? The content from the presentations is being evaluated and placed on the topic-specific webpage. This removes the redundancy of the content, brings the audience to one webpage in search results, and eliminates the need for a website visitor to have to review older presentation slides to learn of a topic. The presentations are shared with attendees as part of the event materials and data shows the presentations are seldom downloaded from the website.
  • Will CMS consider labs on the outlier list only or are others accepted? Noridian will research and provide an update during the an upcoming POEAG meeting.
  • Can the mailing dates for the mailing of new Medicare cards be shared; what CMS has published is vague. Noridian understands the mail date privacy was done intentionally to protect the Medicare card. Providers are encouraged to use the portal MBI look-up feature in June to begin searching when CA cards have begun to be mailed. View the New Medicare Card Mailing Strategy.

Please share the 340B Drug Program webpage with the attendees as described in the ‘prior recommendation' section of the agenda.

Next Meeting

The next scheduled meeting is June 12, 2018.

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