Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group (POE AG) Meeting Minutes - December 8, 2020

Roll Call

Noridian Attendees

Annessa Schjeldrup, Janel Aamold, Julie Schroeder, Kathryn Grueneich, Katie Hove, Kelly Garlinghouse, Kim Graham, Lu Newell, Reanna Doele, Tammy Ewers, Tana Williams, Teresa Cirelli, Tim Morrissey

POEAG Member Attendance

Dawn Silva, CPC, Kimi Shintani, Mitchel Kaye, Nichole East, Susan LaPadula, CMBA

CMS Attendees


POEAG Mission and Goals

During each meeting, the Mission and Goals are reviewed.

Prior Meeting Minutes

The prior meeting minutes were distributed to POEAG members and published to the website


New Agenda Items

Prior to the meeting, Noridian solicited agenda topics from members and evaluated significant program changes to discuss.

  1. Accelerated and Advance Payment (AAP) - COVID-19
    1. The recently enacted Continuing Appropriations Act 2021 and Other Extensions Act amended the repayment terms for Accelerated and Advance Payment (AAP) Repayment guidelines were extended and will now begin one year from the issuance date of the Accelerated and Advance Payment (AAP) payments for all providers and suppliers who received them.
    2. CMS provided an early notice letter for affected suppliers and those letters have now been mailed. This letter will inform providers and suppliers on when repayment will begin, as well as the recoupment percentages and timeframes that will apply.  See CMS Announces New Repayment Terms for Medicare Loans made to Providers during COVID-19.
    3. CMS announced that suppliers may make their repayment in a lump sum. For questions on this option, providers may visit the Noridian COVID-19 webpage or call the Noridian COVID-19 hotline at 866-575-4067.
  2. Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT) - 2021
    1. Noridian requires provider registration through our Schedule of Events website(s) for providers to attend our quarterly ACTs. We use GotoWebinar to assist in facilitating the calls and questions received. Providers may submit questions up to five days prior to the ACT by completing the ACT Provider Question Submission form for the scheduled ACT.
    2. To fulfill the quarterly frequency requirement while still promoting providers to attend topic-specific webinars and posting their questions during the webinar’s registration process, the 2021 schedule includes two Part A-focused ACTs (January and August) and two Part-B focused ACTs (April and November).
  3. COVID-19 Vaccines
    1. The HCPCS vaccine code 91300 from Pfizer, Biotech, Inc. supports the 0001A initial administration with the second dose under 0002A and FDA approved in December.  
    2. Providers and facilities that provide mass immunization will follow the Roster Billing process (similar to FLU/PPV vaccines). 
    3. Noridian will post information on the COVID-19 webpage and “Browse by Topic / Preventive” webpages as information is available. We will produce an Education-on-Demand tutorial on COVID-19 vaccine billing to be posted to YouTube.
    4. Novitas is the MAC selected to process Centralized Biller claims for the nation for those that bill in more than one MAC jurisdiction.
  4. Outpatient Therapy Services (Part B)
    1. There have been changes to the KX modifier and the medical review threshold which is $2,110 for 2021
    2. Noridian will provide a webinar and update the static webpage, Per-Beneficiary KX Modifier Thresholds.
  5. Noridian’s Medical Review (MR)
    1. Noridian’s MR team continues to follow CMS direction for suspension of the Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) program. TPE files will continue to be suspended until CMS lifts the suspension and provides MR with direction to resume TPE activities. At this time, CMS has directed MR to resume claim reviews and these will be post-pay service-specific reviews. Post-Pay Service specific reviews
  6. Telehealth Expansion - 2021
    1. The Trump Administration has expanded telehealth services as referenced within CMS MLN Connects December 1, 2020.
    2. CMS published information on the expansions, Trump Administration Finalizes
      Permanent Expansion of Medicare Telehealth Services and Improved Payment for Time Doctors Spend with Patients
  7. Evaluation and Management (E/M)
    1. Noridian offered five webinars in December to discuss the 2021 Evaluation and Management Change Preparation. 
  8. Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)- Long Term Care Facility (LTC)
    1. On August 25, 2020, CMS published an interim final rule. (IFC). This rule establishes Long-Term Care (LTC) Facility Testing Requirements. See CMS link
  9. Part A Portal Full Remittance Advice (RA)
    1. The Noridian Medicare Portal remittance advice is currently still pending. Noridian has a pending project to improve the functionality/process flow of Part A recent checks.

Upcoming Events

Providers can view trainings and seminars available by visiting the “Education and Outreach / Schedule of Events” section of our website.



New POEAG Suggestions and Recommendations

During each meeting, all POEAG members are asked to provide suggestions on ways to increase education, improve training methods, or elaborate on topics discussed during the meeting.

Suggestions: More education on how to bill unlisted codes.

Response: We are considering that education.

Suggestions: More after-hours webinars.

Response: There will be more after-hours webinars for the upcoming year during 2021

Upcoming Meetings

Scheduled Meetings for 2021

All meetings in CT time on website 1-2 PM

  • March 09
  • June 08
  • September 14
  • December 14

Thank you for attending today’s meeting. We look forward to working with all of you again.


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