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ABCs of the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Program Questions and Answers

The following questions and answers (Q&As) are cumulative from the web-based training(s) conducted. Some questions have been edited for clarity and answers may have been expanded to provide further details. Similar questions were combined to eliminate redundancies. Updated Oct  2017.

Q1. When signing an order or writing a note, how critical is it for the physician to date his/her own signature?
A1. This is very important for a reviewer and for the documentation. Dates and times are reviewed to support the order time versus the completion of the service.

Q2. Why does it take 6-8 months to receive a determination after submitting the MR to the CERT contractor?
A2. The CERT review contractor must complete their reviews prior to the next reporting period. If your request is submitted early in that timeframe, it can take that entire time to get a result. You can get an update on the status from the CERT coordinator.

Q3. What is preferred a signature log or the attestation form?
A3. Either form of signature validation is acceptable, a signature log is usually created and kept within the office or facility if a provider ‘s signature is illegible. A missing signature should not be signed after the fact, the attestation should be signed and dated by the provider of care.

Q4. Where can I find more information on CERT timelines?
A4. The CERT Contractor Advance Med has all the latest up to date information This link takes you to an external website. in addition Noridian's website has additional information as well as the link to the CERT Contractor.

Last Updated Nov 20, 2017