Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group (POE AG) Meeting Minutes - March 10, 2020

Roll Call

Noridian Attendees

Claire Anderson, Elizabeth Barton, Tammy Ewers, Lu Newell, Tim Morrissey, Annessa Schjeldrup, Tana Williams, Kim Graham, Robin McMichael, Naomi Umstot, Teresa Cirelli, Reanna Doele, Robin McMichael, Elizabeth Barton

POEAG Member Attendance

Alexis Christian-Abbott (CMS), Cheryl Bradley, Courtney Flookes, Mitchel Kaye, Greg Labow, Susan LaPadula, Wendy Alfaro, Nichole East

POEAG Mission and Goals

During each meeting, the Mission and Goals are reviewed.

Prior Meeting Minutes

The prior meeting minutes were distributed to POEAG members and published to the website


Here are the POEAG meeting recommendations and/or suggestions from the prior event.

Suggestion Date Description Resolution
12/10/19 Suggestion from Part A provider for a complete Part A full remittance advice made available on the NMP. Remittance advices (RA) are only available in the NMP to providers that receive mailed paper RA's.
12/10/19 Education request about new therapy modifiers and therapy threshold. JEA: Per-Beneficiary KX Modifier Thresholds
JEB: Per-Beneficiary KX Modifier Thresholds
New Therapy Modifiers CO/CQ can be found on the modifiers page. Created/Updated February 2020.
02/10/20 Proposal to provide the option to print a list of Medicare checks within a date range. Currently the NMP has a Financial Inquiry that displays the last or most recent 50 checks for a TIN/NPI/PTAN combination.
02/10/20 Suggestion for educational updates on Skilled Nursing Facility Patient Driven Payment (SNF PDPM) pricer and Variable Per Diem (VPD) rate. CMS has acknowledged modifications to edits are required to allow proper claims processing MLN 11632. Implementation date July 6, 2020. Noridian is aware of claims processing out of sequence with incorrect VPD rates. SNF PDPM Claims Issue - Article and an Alert.


New Agenda Items

Prior to the meeting, Noridian solicited agenda topics from members and evaluated significant program changes to discuss.

Part A/B

  1. New Medicare Card / Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Updates
    1. The adoption rate is 98%, Noridian is maintaining the resources on our website right now. We appreciate all the providers support during this transition.
  2. The 2020 MAC Satisfaction Indicator (MSI)
    1. The 2020 MAC Satisfaction Indicator (MSI), a survey administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), started March 2. The MSI measures your satisfaction with our processes and service delivery so we can gain valuable insights and determine process improvements.

      Thanks for your feedback in 2019. We used your feedback to make improvements to our services. Here are some highlights:
      1. Provider Enrollment Application and Correspondence Details were made available in Noridian Medicare Portal.
      2. Denial code resolution webpage was created.
      3. Noridian Medicare Portal was enhanced to upload functionality for requested documentation.
    2. MSI 2020 survey going live please participate.
      JE: :

Part A

  1. Common Working File (CWF)
    1. CMS revoking access to Common Working File (CWF) eligibility transactions HIQA, HIQH, ELGA and ELGH effective February 1, 2020
      • Submitters that aggregate transactions for otherwise disparate providers (e.g., clearinghouses, billing services, software vendors, etc.) and have both HETS and CWF-based eligibility access should use HETS exclusively.
  2. Providers with Multiple Service Locations
    1. Address requirements included in SE19007 - implementation date April 2020
      • Exact match required between claim address and PECOS address
      • PO or PN modifier required for off-campus locations
  3. Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) Education
    1. The 2019 1099-INT and/or 1099-MISC are now available on the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP). The 1099 inquiry is available through the Financials function.
      1. 1099s on the portal are a copy of the official 1099 form that will be mailed to your facility.
      2. View the 1099 Inquiry section of the Portal Guide to download copy today.
    2. Part B Self-service Reopening (SSRO) enhancements
      1. Correct multiple fields at one time.
      2. Now you can do a full recoupment of a claim from the NMP SSRO.
  4. Provider Enrollment Education
    1. New Rebuttal Process: Rebuttals give providers or suppliers the opportunity to demonstrate that their Medicare billing privileges should not have been deactivated. Must be submitted within 20 calendar days from date of the deactivation notice. This will be sent in before the reconsideration and CAP. The notification letter sent to the provider will have instructions on where to send it.
    2. New Opt out Process: The opting out of Medicare process has updated. Here is some of the information that has updated:
      • If the provider opts out of Medicare with one MAC, they will be opted out of Medicare throughout the USA. If the provider sees a patient with a different MAC, they are now required to submit an opt out affidavit to the additional MAC.
      • If the provider is trying to bill for emergency services, they will need to fully enroll into Medicare in order to submit the claims.
      • Notification letters will be sent out 90 days before the provider is automatically renewed. Using the opt out status it will advise them about the auto-renewal process. They will then have the option to stay opted out of Medicare or to enroll back into Medicare.
    3. New 855R Application: The 855R application has updated. Here are the updates made to the 855R:
      • Change of Reassignment Information is a new submission reason in Section 1
      • Information for reassigning to a sole proprietor is now included.
      • Secondary practice location information is now captured.
      • Change, add or remove a contact person.

Upcoming Events

Providers can view trainings and seminars available by visiting the "Education and Outreach/ Schedule of Events" section of our website.


Part A:
Part B:

New POEAG Suggestions and Recommendations

During each meeting, all POEAG members are asked to provide suggestions on ways to increase education, improve training methods, or elaborate on topics discussed during the meeting.

  • Provider comment: Most of my time and questions comes from the Provider Enrollment area and I have the support. What people are looking for is information from CMS and Noridian on the Coronavirus to bill Medicare when we want to talk to the patient. How can we keep up with them when the patient will not come to the office? How do we continue to provide access to care? It is one thing to read the material made available, but having the situational details expanded is what they are looking for in billing guidance.
  • Provider comment:  I was looking for information when someone is newly enrolling in a private practice as speech, physical and occupational therapy, how does the timeline look for their enrollment to be processed and how would they bill in the meantime? The recommendation to have the processing period be published with the timeline (45, 90, retroactive available)?
  • Provider comment:  Coronavirus - would you consider a webinar? We are dealing with this on the front line. Triage is county by county and hospitals deal with county rules at their locations. Whatever guidance you can offer down the road is appreciated.
    • Noridian acknowledges the need for COVID-19 education, we are waiting on CMS- approved educational material. Diagnosis and CPT coding is provided for the testing and   April 4st is the scheduled implementation date for this information.
  • Provider comment: CA looks forward to webinars. Can you present a contact listing of Part A and Part B representative offering education?
    • To best align our team members with their availability as well as to support CMS' expectations that all inquiries go through the Provider Contact Center, POE does not publish our education team member contact information. We do have an Individualized Education Request form provider can complete and we will work to connect the Ed Rep with the right knowledge and availability with the provider based on the education they are requesting.
  • Provider comment: Institutional providers Part A need to see the June 23, MSP Part 5 of 6 Part B event on the Part A Schedule of Events.
    • Noridian indicated the title of the events will now include the A/B indicator to assist providers understand if the event is tailored to only A or B.
    • Thank you to Scott, Elizabeth and everyone in POE as they are always polite and professional and helpful anytime I reach out to you all.
  • Provider comment: I'm new to this role and in a learning curve. I have nothing currently to suggest.

Upcoming Meetings

Scheduled Meetings for 2020

All meeting times 3-4 PM CT

  • June 9
  • September 8
  • December 8

Thank you for attending today's meeting, we look forward to working with all of you again.


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