MR Letters Inquiry

Allows providers/suppliers to see educational letters that have been mailed by Medical Review that include Notification, Findings and Comprehensive Billing Reports (CBR) and Provider Billing Analysis (PBA) letters.

Go to "Message Center – MR Letters Inquiry" in the upper right-hand corner of any screen on NMP.

This image shows where the MR Letters Inquiry link is located on the Message Center flyout.

  • Choose the TIN/NPI/PTAN and Program.
  • Enter in a From Date and To Date to search for the Medical Review (MR) Education Letters to view.

This image shows the MR Letters Inquiry search screen.


The results will show the MR letters that meet the search criteria. To view the letter choose "Download". The results will display the following information:

  • Letter Date: Date letter was written
  • Review Type: Pre-Pay or Post- Pay
  • Letter Type: Notification, Findings or Education
  • Category Type: File related to CBR, PBA or Other
  • Case/File: If applicable, the MR Review case/file number will display

This image shows the MR Letters Inquiry results screen.

Last Updated Aug 24, 2018