Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a second layer of security to the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP). Using this second factor when logging in, helps prevent anyone other than the user from logging in. When users log into NMP, the username and password are required, and when enrolled in MFA, a one-time passcode is also required.

View the online tutorial for the MFA process.

MFA is required for all portal users.


New users will be prompted to set up their MFA credentials during the registration process.

1. Users are only required to establish at least one MFA passcode delivery method: Email, Text or Voice. The email address you entered on your registration is automatically selected as the default delivery method, and is always required. You have the choice to also set up the Text and/or Voice option(s) if you'd like.

This image shows the MFA initial prompt

2. The email address on the NMP account is automatically selected as a default delivery method. Select the Verify button. The user will receive an email with a one-time passcode. Enter this code on the pop-up and then select Submit.

MFA updated - email verification code

3. The email address will now display as Verified.

MFA updated - email verified

4. Next, select the Add button for either the Text or Voice option. Enter a phone number (XXX-XXX-XXXX) the passcode may be sent to via text or voice, and select the Verify button. The user will receive a text message or phone call with the passcode to be entered on the pop-up. Enter the code and select the Submit button.

MFA updated - text prompt

MFA updated - text veriification code

5. Both the email address and backup (Text or Voice) options will display as Verified. We recommend completing the verification process for the third option also; however, it is not a requirement. Each time you log in you will select which method you'd like to use. Once completed, select the Submit button.

MFA updated - text verified

6. The user is notified that MFA enrollment was successful. Each time the user logs into NMP, the username, password and passcode will be required.

  • Ensure Noridian is listed as a trusted email sender so the email is not marked as spam.

7. Select the Continue button.

MFA updated - MFA enroll successful

Logging In After Enrollment

  1. When logging into NMP after enrolling in NMP, enter the username and password. Select the Login button.

This image shows where the username and password are entered when logging into the portal.

2. The next page prompts the user to select either Email, Text or Voice. Check the box next to the applicable option and select the Submit button.

MFA updated - select delivery method

3. Enter the code received via Email, Text or Voice and select the Login button.

This image displays the passcode entry field.

4. The user is now logged into NMP.

Updating MFA Information

1. If changes are needed to MFA information, go to Manage Account and the Security Settings tab.

This image displays the tabs within the Manage Account option.

2. Select Update Multi-factor Authentication from under Change Multi-factor Authentication Settings.

This image displays the option to update MFA information.

3. Select the Edit button to make changes. If Email is selected, the user is brought to the My Profile tab to update the email address. If Text or Voice is selected, the field will open, make changes and select the Verify button.

This image shows the MFA initial prompt


Last Updated Oct 25, 2018