Find a Supplier - IVIG

Find a Supplier

Have you been approved for the IVIG Demonstration? The next step is to find a Supplier by following one of the below.

Tell your doctor that you've been approved for the IVIG Demonstration. Your doctor will give you a prescription for your IVIG treatment in the home from a specialty pharmacy. If your doctor arranges your services from a specialty pharmacy, have your doctor tell the specialty pharmacy that you've been approved for the IVIG Demonstration.


Use the website to find specialty pharmacies in your area.

  • From, scroll down to the bottom of the website and look for the heading “Take Action”.
  • Click on the link titled “Find medical equipment & suppliers”.
  • A new screen will appear where you can enter your ZIP code.
  • In the Equipment box type infusion.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • A list of choices will appear. Check the box for Infusion Pumps not insulin and click Update.
  • A list of suppliers within 10 miles will appear.
  • To increase your search to a wider area, click the drop down arrow in the distance box and choose a selection and Apply.

Contact the specialty pharmacy of your choice and tell them that you’ve been approved for the Medicare IVIG Demonstration. Show them your approval letter so they will know they can submit claims for the demonstration services.

The specialty pharmacy will bill Medicare for your IVIG drugs and will bill Medicare for the per-visit payment for nursing and supplies needed to administer the IVIG. You will be responsible for paying any applicable Medicare Part B deductible or coinsurance.


Last Updated Feb 18 , 2022