Billing and Coding: MolDX: Targeted and Comprehensive Genomic Profile Next-Generation Sequencing Testing in Cancer (A55624) - R10 - Effective March 21, 2024

Date Posted: March 21, 2024

This coverage article has been revised and published for notice under contract numbers: 01111 (CA), 01211 (AS, GU, HI, NMI), 01311 (NV), and 01911 (CA, HI & Territories).

Effective Date: March 21, 2024

Summary of Article Changes:

Under Article Title revised to MolDX: Targeted and Comprehensive Genomic Profile Testing in Cancer. Under Article Text subsection heading Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 2nd sentence revised "tumor tissue only-based panels" to read "tumor-based panels for cancer that may be performed by NGS". Added verbiage and hyperlink for "Refer to MolDX: Defining panel services in MolDX A59678 for further guidance on the distinction between single analyte tests and panel tests". Under subsection heading Targeted Tumor Panels revised 1st sentence "Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) panels" to read "Targeted tumor panels". Revised 2nd sentence to read "Generally, these panels are limited to specific variant types at defined sites, such as single nucleotide variants (SNVs), small insertions or deletions (INDELs), single site copy number variants, or gene fusions". Revised last sentence to delete "regions in the genes" and replaced with "targets". Under subsection heading Comprehensive Genomic Profile (CGP) Testing revised 1st sentence "CGP" to read "CGP testing". Revised 4th sentence "CGP" to read "CGP tests" and replaced "copy number alterations (CNAs)" with "copy number variants (CNVs)". Revised 5th sentence to add "and chromosome abnormalities such as loss of heterozygosity (LOH)". Revised 6th sentence "CGP" to read "CGP testing". Added new sentences "CGP tests are expected to yield information of clinical relevance beyond a targeted panel, for example, to identify relevant clinical trials for patient management or identify possible therapeutic interventions for off-label use. It is expected that a CGP will identify all clinically relevant information attainable for the type of service performed". Revised subsection heading "Targeted Panels" to read "Targeted Tumor Panels". Revised 1st sentence to read "To bill for DNA-based panels that measure SNVs, INDELs, CNVs or rearrangements, review CPT codes 81445 and 81450" and deleted 2nd and 3rd sentences. Added new sentences "If a DNA-based targeted panel meeting the coverage requirements is used, and MSI is also performed, 81457 can be billed. If a DNA-based targeted test meeting coverage requirements is performed that includes MSI and CNVs, 81458 can be billed" and 2 new paragraphs. Revised last paragraph "DEX Z-Code™" to read "DEX Z-Code®". Under subsection heading CGP deleted first paragraph and added new paragraph. Revised 2nd paragraph 1st sentence to add "81459 or" and replaced "DEX Z-Code™" with "DEX Z-Code®". Revised 2nd sentence to replace "other" with "further". Revised 3rd paragraph sentence "DEX Z-Code™" to read "DEX Z-Code®". Formatting, punctuation, and typographical errors were corrected throughout the article.

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Last Updated Mar 21 , 2024