Who Should Providers Call?

The External User Services (EUS) can help providers who cannot gain access to I&A, PECOS, NPPES and/or EHR accounts. Contact EUS using the below.

PECOS Web - Enroll and Make Changes Online

Whether a provider is enrolling in Medicare for the first time or needs to make changes to enrollment information, the Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) is the most efficient way to do so. It can be used in lieu of the Medicare enrollment application (i.e., paper CMS-855). Everyone using PECOS must use their own User ID and Password.

Providers using PECOS may:

  • Submit an initial Medicare enrollment application
  • View or change your enrollment information
  • Track your enrollment application through the web submission process
  • Add or change a reassignment of benefits
  • Submit changes to existing Medicare enrollment information
  • Reactivate an existing enrollment record
  • Withdraw from the Medicare Program
  • Submit a Change of Ownership (CHOW) of the Medicare-enrolled provider

PECOS Web will provide a series of questions to complete your enrollment online. The Paper PECOS Web Authorized Official and/or Delegated Official Certification Statements for Institutional Providers, must be mailed into Noridian with original signatures and dates, or the provider may choose to do an E-signature. Any supporting documents must be included as required by CMS regulations, i.e. IRS document, state license, CMS 588 EFT forms, etc., and should be submitted with the Paper Certification statements, or mailed with a coversheet indicating the Web Tracking ID if the provider chooses E-signature.

To enroll with the paper application, the CMS 855A Application for Health Care Providers must be completed. Medicare currently enrolls only those specialties listed in section 2A of the 855A. Please follow the directions outlined within this application. If you cannot download the application off this website, please contact Noridian. This application must be mailed into our office with original signatures and dates, and include any supporting documents required by CMS, i.e., IRS document, State license, CMS 588 EFT forms, etc.

If you question whether you meet your State's requirements for a specialty, contact your local State Department of Health to find out the state specific regulations. Note: Effective May 1, 2006, all providers are required to use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Please submit the CMS 588 Form along with your application or PECOS Web Authorization Statements. Enrolling providers will also be required to include their National Provider Identifier (NPI) on the form.

If additional information is needed, the provider is notified via telephone, fax, or email. Providers must submit the required information within 30 days of the request, and before the application can be completed and forwarded to CMS and the State.

After the 855A or PECOS Web application is submitted to the Intermediary, it is reviewed and forwarded to CMS and the appropriate state agency with a recommendation to approve or deny. CMS reviews the application and notifies the intermediary via letter when the application is approved. Once the intermediary has entered the data into the computer system, the provider will be given their CCN and effective date issued by CMS.

PECOS Advantages

  • Faster than paper-based enrollment (45-day processing time in most cases, vs. 60 days for paper)
  • Tailored application process means you only supply information relevant to YOUR application
  • Gives you more control over your enrollment information, including reassignments
  • Easy to check and update your information for accuracy
  • Less staff time and administrative costs to complete and submit enrollment to Medicare

PECOS Signature Timeline

A PECOS application is not considered "received" until all the signatures are accurately submitted. If any of the signatures are not submitted either by an e-signature or a paper certification statement, within the 20 calendar days, the application will be rejected.

This means:

  • The application has not been submitted
  • The targeted effective date for new enrollments could be missed
  • A revalidation due date may be missed

When a PECOS application is rejected due to a missing signature, providers use the "Correct & Resubmit" button to resubmit the application. Here are the steps, from the PECOS Welcome Page.

  • Select My Associates
  • Then click on "View Enrollments" located next to the enrollment record that submitted the application
  • Scroll down on the "My Enrollments Page" to find the "Correct & Resubmit" button.

Gain Access to PECOS - The Identity & Access Management System (I&A)

The Identity and Access Management System (I&A) creates User IDs and Passwords for organizations. The I&A was created in 2013. An organization's NPPES log-in does not work in other CMS systems, including PECOS. The I&A also controls organization's managers, employees and billers access to enrollment records in PECOS and Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the EHR Incentive for the Medicare Attestation System.

Organizations: Quickest and Most Efficient Way to Gain Access

  • Have an Authorized Official, who is already on the group's established enrollment record, be the first employee to create an I&A account
  • An Authorized Official can add a Delegated Official, solely in the I&A, who can manage staff and surrogacy with the providers who reassign benefits on the Part B side

The Delegated Official in the I&A is not placed on the group's enrollment record. In order for a Delegated Official in the I&A to have the ability to e-sign, he/she must be added to the PECOS Enrollment Record via a CMS-855A.



Last Updated Jun 15, 2018