Enroll/Make Changes via PECOS Web

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Enroll in Medicare

Enroll in the Medicare Program to get Medicare payment for covered services provided to Medicare beneficiaries.

To bill Medicare Part A, institutional health care providers must complete a CMS Medicare Application for Institutional Providers Application CMS-855A and submit it to the appropriate Medicare Contractor. After the form is received, it is reviewed and forwarded to CMS and the appropriate state agency with a recommendation to approve or deny. If additional information is needed, a call will be made to you before forwarding your application to CMS and the state. CMS reviews the application and notifies the intermediary, via letter, when the application is approved. After the intermediary has entered the data into the computer system, the provider will receive the provider number and effective date issued by CMS. Once you get a billing number from CMS, you can begin to bill Medicare.

Two Ways to Submit an Initial Enrollment, Revalidation, or Changes to Provider Information

  1. Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS)
  2. Paper Application Forms: CMS-855A or CMS-855B


Last Updated May 09, 2018