Provider Enrollment Corrective Action Plan (CAP), Reconsideration, and Rebuttal Decision Tree

The Provider Enrollment Corrective Action Plan (CAP), Reconsideration, and Rebuttal Decision Tree is a tool that may assist the user in submitting a Provider Enrollment reconsideration request, corrective action plan or rebuttal. The user will be provided a short series of questions to determine what type of submission they may be eligible for and where to send their submission.

Disclaimer: Refer to the initial determination or deactivation letter for applicable corrective action plan, reconsideration request or rebuttal rights, submission requirements, and address information.


Are you a Part A Provider?

Q1 Q0Y

Are you appealing a deactivation?

Q2 Q1Y

Rebuttals can only be submitted for the following deactivation reasons:

  • Non-response to a revalidation request
  • Failure to report a change
  • Non-billing
  • No active practice location for 90 days
  • Not in compliance with all enrollment requirements
  • Practice location is non-operational or otherwise invalid
  • The provider/supplier is deceased
  • The provider/supplier is voluntarily withdrawing from Medicare
  • The provider is the seller in a HHA change of ownership under

Were you deactivated for one of these reason?

Q3 Q1N

Are you appealing a rejected or returned application?


Rejected and returned applications do not have appeal rights.


Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) must be received within 35 days of the initial determination letter.

Reconsiderations must be received within 65 days of the initial determination letter.

Submit your appeal to CMS using the CMS Appeal Coversheet.

Q4 Q2Y

A rebuttal must be received within 15 days from the date of the deactivation letter.

Is the date on the letter more than 15 calendar days ago?


You do not have rebuttal rights. Contact the Provider Enrollment Contact Center for assistance.


Your rebuttal rights have expired. You may reactivate your Medicare enrollment.


You may submit a rebuttal.

Last Updated Dec 10 , 2023