Billing and Coding: MolDX: Targeted and Comprehensive Genomic Profile Next-Generation Sequencing Testing in Cancer (A55624) - R7 - Effective January 01, 2022

This Billing and Coding Article has been revised and published for notice under contract numbers: 01111 (CA), 01211 (AS, GU, HI, NMI), 01311 (NV), and 01911 (CA, HI & Territories).

Effective Date: January 01, 2022

Summary of Article Changes:

Under CPT/HCPCS Codes Group 2: Codes the description was revised for 0244U. This revision is due to the 2022 Annual CPT/HCPCS Code Update and is effective on January 1, 2022.

Under ICD-10 Codes that Support Medical Necessity Group 1: Codes added D46.4, D47.9, D72.829, and D75.9. Under ICD-10 Codes that Support Medical Necessity Group 2: Codes added: C00.2, C00.5, C00.6, C00.9, C02.3, C02.9, C03.9, C04.9, C05.9, C06.80, C06.9, C08.9, C09.9, C10.9, C11.9, C13.9, C14.0, C15.9, C16.5, C16.6, C16.9, C17.9, C18.9, C21.0, C22.8, C24.9, C25.9, C26.0, C31.9, C32.9, C34.00, C34.10, C34.30, C34.80, C34.90, C34.91, C34.92, C38.3, C39.0, C39.9, C40.00, C40.10, C40.20, C40.30, C40.80, C40.90, C40.91, C40.92, C41.9, C43.10, C43.20, C43.30, C43.60, C43.70, C43.9, C4A.10, C4A.20, C4A.30, C4A.60, C4A.70, C4A.9, C44.00, C44.101, C44.1021, C44.1022, C44.1091, C44.1092, C44.111, C44.121, C44.191, C44.201, C44.202, C44.209, C44.211, C44.221, C44.291, C44.300, C44.301, C44.309, C44.310, C44.320, C44.390, C44.40, C44.500, C44.501, C44.509, C44.601, C44.602, C44.609, C44.611, C44.621, C44.691, C44.701, C44.702, C44.709, C44.711, C44.721, C44.791, C44.80, C44.90, C44.91, C44.92, C44.99, C45.9, C47.10, C47.20, C47.6, C47.9, C48.2, C49.10, C49.20, C49.6, C49.9, C49.A0, C50.019, C50.029, C50.119, C50.129, C50.219, C50.229, C50.319, C50.329, C50.419, C50.429, C50.519, C50.529, C50.619, C50.629, C50.819, C50.829, C50.911, C50.912, C50.919, C50.921, C50.922, C50.929, C51.9, C53.9, C54.9, C55, C56.9, C57.00, C57.10, C57.20, C57.4, C57.9, C60.9, C62.00, C62.10, C62.90, C62.91, C62.92, C63.00, C63.10, C63.9, C64.9, C65.9, C66.9, C67.9, C68.9, C69.00, C69.10, C69.20, C69.30, C69.40, C69.50, C69.60, C69.80, C69.90, C69.91, C69.92, C70.9, C71.9, C72.20, C72.30, C72.40, C72.50, C72.9, C74.00, C74.10, C74.90, C74.91, C74.92, C75.8, C75.9 C7A.00, C7A.019, C7A.029, C7A.094, C7A.095, C7A.096, C76.40, C76.50, C80.0, and C80.1. The deletion of these codes with Revision 11 was done in error and is retroactive effective for dates of service on or after 06/24/2021.

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Last Updated Feb 23 , 2022