Issue with Fractional Mileage on Ambulance Claims Submitted through DDE

Per CMS policy, ambulance trips of less than 100 miles are to be reported with fractional units. When reporting fractional mileage, providers must round the total miles up to the nearest tenth of a mile and the decimal must be used in the appropriate place (e.g., 99.9). Lines containing less than one mile require a "0" in front of the decimal place (e.g., 0.9).

CMS is aware that a system issue began in October with ambulance claims not retaining this fractional mileage. When these claims are submitted or corrected through the Direct Data Entry (DDE) system, claims are Returning To Provider (RTP).

The shared system maintainer, FISS, has identified the offending logic and is creating a fix. The estimated implementation date for all Medicare jurisdictions is November 27, 2023.

Last Updated Nov 10 , 2023