99458 and 0126T Claim Hold

Provider/Supplier Type(s) Impacted: Outpatient Types of Bill 13x and 85x.

Reason Codes: Not Applicable

Claim Coding Impact: 0126T and 99458

Description of Issue: Additional Integrated Outpatient Code Editor software updates are needed to process claims with codes 99458 and 0126T for claims with date of service on or after 03/01/20 and received on or after 07/01/20.

Noridian Action Required: Noridian is holding claims until the implementation of the October 2020 Integrated Outpatient Code Editor release.

Provider/Supplier Action Required: None

Proposed Resolution/Solution: Noridian will release claims after the implementation of the October Release.

Date Reported: 07/08/20

Date Resolved:


Last Updated Thu, 09 Jul 2020 14:33:08 +0000