Completing the Credit Balance Report - General Instructions

Certification Page

To complete the Certification Page, enter the provider's name and provider number, and have the Officer or Administrator of the facility sign and date the page. Check one box to indicate what option pertains to your facility. Finally, enter information about your facility's contact person.

An officer (the Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive Officer) or the Administrator of your facility must sign and date the certification page. Even if no Medicare credit balances are shown in your records for the reporting quarter, you must still have the form signed and submitted to your FI in attestation of this fact. Only a signed certification page needs to be submitted if your facility has no Medicare credit balances as of the last day of the reporting quarter. An electronic file (or hard copy) of the certification page is available from your FI.

Detail Page

The detail page requires specific information on each credit balance on a claim-by-claim basis. This page provides space to address 17 claims, but you may add additional lines or reproduce the form as many times as necessary to accommodate all of the credit balances that you have reported. An electronic file (or hard copy) of the detail page is available from your FI. You may submit the detail page(s) on a diskette furnished by your contractor or by a secure electronic transmission as long as the transmission method and format are acceptable to your FI. Segregate Part A credit balances from Part B credit balances by reporting them on separate detail pages. Note: Part B pertains only to services you provide which are billed to your FI. It does not pertain to physician and supplier services billed to carriers.

Once a credit balance is reported on the CMS-838, it is not to be reported on a subsequent period report.


Last Updated Dec 12 , 2022