Policy Specific Requirements for Enteral Nutrition Detailed Written Orders

Many DMEPOS policies have requirements that are specific to that policy and are necessary for orders or other documentation. A Detailed Written Order (DWO) for enteral nutrition must include the Route of Administration (ROA) as well as the Method of Administration (MOA).

Route of Administration would be whether the beneficiary receives the nutrition through an NG tube, G tube, or J tube.

Method of Administration is also necessary to be on the DWO and would be how the nutrition is delivered. Medicare covers the three following MOAs for Enteral Nutrition:

  • Syringe (B4034)
  • Gravity (B4036)
  • Pump (B4035)

Refer to the LCD and Policy Article for the DMEPOS item to determine if there are any special documentation requirements for items you supply.

More information on the Enteral Nutrition Policy can be found in the Enteral Nutrition LCD and Policy Article.

Last Updated May 24, 2017