Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Devices




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  • Payment is:
    • Limited to a maximum of 21 days beginning on the date of surgery
    • Made for each day that the device is used in the patient's home within the 21 day limited coverage period
  • The first date available for billing may be the discharge date but suppliers may not bill for a CPM prior to application
  • Surgery date is day 1 of the 21 day coverage period
Billing Narrative (E0935)
  • Type of knee surgery performed
  • Date of surgery
  • Date of application of CPM
  • Date of discharge from hospital
  • CPM treatment must start within 48 hours following a total knee replacement or a revision of a major component of a previously performed total knee replacement
  • Coverage is limited to that portion of the 3-week period following surgery during which device is used in patient's home
  • CPMs are not covered after any other type of knee/joint surgery
Payment Rules - Continuous Passive Motion Machines View coding guidelines, coverage and documentation details


Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023

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