Site Tour

The Noridian website has been designed with the provider in mind. This site tour will give a high-level overview of the different sections of the website and highlight areas that may be of interest. Providers are encouraged to use compatible website browsers when viewing the Noridian website.


This image shows what is included in the Header section of the Jurisdiction A Noridian Medicare website.

1. Noridian Logo

  • Serves as a hyperlink to the Noridian Medicare homepage. Use this link on any page of the website to return to the Noridian Medicare homepage.

2. Jurisdiction and Line of Business

  • Includes the states and territories served.

3. Contact Us/Help/Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) Login

  • Information such as phone numbers and mailing address, access to technical resources and a direct link to the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP).

4. Search

  • Search the Noridian website for articles related to your topic of interest or the latest policies.

Navigation Menus

Content of the Noridian website has been categorized based on similar resources and topics. Hover over the category title and view a larger list of the type of information available.

This image shows how the Noridian website is categorized with additional information available from a "fly-out" menu of each category.

Information viewable within the categories is summarized in the following table:

Category Topics Included
Browse by Topic Resources for Documentation, Modifiers, Noncovered Items, the Noridian Medicare Portal, and other commonly used resources
Browse by DMEPOS Category Resources specific to a topic such as Glucose Monitors, Nebulizers, PMDs and Therapeutic Shoes
Fees & News Includes the most current fee schedules, Noridian published bulletins that contain articles published within the last two years, Latest Updates articles and email listserv registration
Policies Contains Active, Draft, Retired and Future Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), Medical Director Articles and Physician Resource Letters
Medical Review Resources for the various entities that conduct reviews of claims processed by Medicare which include Noridian's Medical Review, CERT, Recovery Auditor, and the OIG
Education & Outreach Includes the Schedule of Events for upcoming workshops, teleconferences or in-person training. Also offers past presentations and questions and answers on a variety of topics.
Claims & Appeals Offers resources on Appeals, Claim Submission, MSP and Overpayments
Forms A listing of commonly used Medicare forms.


When a category off the Navigation menu is chosen, a left-hand navigation menu specific to the category displays. The left-hand navigation is not an all-inclusive listing off all pages found under that category, but rather a starting point for viewing that section.

The middle section of the main page of each category, will also contain links with a brief description to pages included in that category.

This image shows how each category page is layed out with a left-hand navigation menu to show additional pages.

Breadcrumbs and Print and Email

This image shows how the breadcrumb trail is created and the Print and Email button options available on each page.

  • The breadcrumb trail shows the path to the current webpage. The breadcrumb links can be used to return to the prior pages within that trail.
  • The Print and Email buttons are available on all pages throughout the website.
    • The Print option allows the user to print off the current page for their reference. 
    • The Email option creates an email that may be sent that includes a link to the current page. 


This image shows the different sections of the homepage of the Jurisdiction A Noridian Medicare website.

1. You Spoke. We Listened.

  • Special section showing providers how feedback given through the website satisfaction survey allows Noridian to update and improve the content and accessibility of the website

2. I Want To:

  • Links to the most frequently visited pages such as Active LCDs, Fee Schedules, Appeals, Noridian Medicare Portal, Schedule of Events and the Supplier Manual

3. Welcome New Suppliers and New Billers

  • Information dedicated to helping new users get the most out of the Noridian website

4. Latest Updates

  • Recent Noridian or CMS published articles and notifications. Option to "See All" articles published within the current quarter

5. System Notices

  • Notification to providers if the Call Centers or IVR may be unavailable

6. Contact Center, Telephone Reopenings and User Security

  • Phone Numbers, Hours of Availability, Training Closures and Holiday Schedules for the Supplier Contact Center

7. Noridian Medicare Portal

  • Quick links to the top visited pages regarding logging in, registration and functionality inquiries

8. Advertisements

  • Banners highlighting topics of interest

9. CURES Act Mass Adjustment

  • Special section dedicated to the Mass Adjustments being performed due to CR9968.  This section will only be viewable until November 2017 when the mass adjustments will be completed.

10. How Are We Doing?

  • Special section highlighting the ForeSee Website Satisfaction Survey. This section is displayed periodically to boost participation.


This image shows the footer of the Jurisdiction A Noridian Medicare website.

1. Contact/Support

  • Links to the Contact Us pages as well as links that may be helpful while viewing the Noridian website.

2. Tools/External Resources

  • Quick links to the most commonly used "tools" or guides. The external resources provide links to CMS resources along with other frequently used websites.

3. Keep Current

  • Subscribe to the Noridian email listserv to stay up-to-date with Noridian and Medicare news

Site Map

The Site Map is a listing of the contents available within each category and subcategory offered throughout the website.

Search Engine

A website search can be conducted using a specific term or phrase to locate all available resources published on that topic. When the search results are returned, a listing displays the title and a description of the webpage that can be used when deciding which search result is applicable for the business need.

The search results may be filtered by including only content in a particular category, specialty, topic or by the date published or last updated. A filtered search will narrow down the number of results received for a more specialized search. 

This image shows the Search Results page of the Jurisdiction A Noridian Medicare website.

External Website Links

Noridian uses a symbol, to indicate if a hyperlink will navigate to an external, non-Noridian, website.


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