Change Healthcare Security Incident - Resolved 04/24/24

Provider/Supplier Type(s) Impacted: All

Reason Codes: Not applicable.

Claim Coding Impact: Not applicable.

Description of Issue: Noridian is aware of the recent cyber security incident at Change Healthcare. Our priority is to ensure the security of our data. There is no indication of any impact on our data. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Noridian Action Required: We are closely monitoring the situation and assessing any potential impact.

Provider/Supplier Action Required: If your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) clearinghouse is impacted by the Change Healthcare cyber security incident, we recommend you check with them for further instructions.

Proposed Resolution/Solution:

Update 04/24/24: Optum, the parent company for Change Healthcare, has worked with Noridian to transition providers enrolled in Change Healthcare connections to the Optum iEDI Clearinghouse. The transition has been completed for claim submission as well as electronic remittance advices. Noridian will maintain dual enrollment for claim submission to ensure an easy transition as the Change Healthcare platforms come online. Partners and providers do not need to take any action. For additional information, visit: Optum Solution Status

Update 04/05/24: If providers are unable to submit medical records timely for requested Medical Review Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) related to the recent Change Healthcare Security Incident, please reach out to the clinical reviewer contact listed in your notification letter to discuss and possibly extend your documentation submission timeline. Please have a listing of the ordered ADRs identifier number ready. The Case Manager will require verbal or written attestation that your request is related to the Change Healthcare cyber security incident.

For assistance with updating electronic transactions, please visit the CEDI website to make changes to your CEDI enrollment or contact the CEDI Help Desk at 1-866-311-9184 or via e-mail at CEDI offers a list of approved software vendors, billing services and clearinghouses alternatives for claims submission and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) retrieval. The CEDI Claims Portal is available for manual entry of claims and ERA retrieval.

If you do determine there are no other options for you to submit electronic claims, you may submit a waiver request on company letterhead that includes your billing PTAN and that you are requesting a waiver related to the Change Healthcare security incident. Providers may submit their request via fax at 701-277-7882 or email Please be aware the payment floor for paper claims is 29 days (versus 14 days for electronic claims).

Request for Change Healthcare/Optum Payment Disruption Accelerated and Advance Payment

Providers should use the request for Change Healthcare/Optum payment disruption (CHOPD) Accelerated Payment to Part A Providers and Advance Payments to part B Suppliers [DOCX] template to submit a request. The template must be initialed for all certification of facts and signed by the provider's authorized official that is legally able to make financial commitments and assume financial obligations on behalf of the provider/supplier.

Please submit the completed CHOPD Accelerated/Advance Payment request to: or Fax: 701-277-7892

For additional information such as eligibility requirements, required acknowledgement of terms, and payment amount, please refer to CMS Fact Sheet Change Healthcare/Optum Payment Disruption (CHOPD) Accelerated Payments to Part A Providers and Advance Payments to Part B Suppliers [PDF]

Change Healthcare/Optum Payment Disruption (CHOPD) Accelerated and Advance Payments for Part A Providers and Part B Suppliers Frequently Asked Questions

Date Reported: 02/28/24

Date Resolved: 04/24/24

Last Updated Apr 26 , 2024