Common Denial for Hospital Beds and Accessories

A common denial suppliers receive for hospital beds and accessories is for billing hospital beds at the same time as a mattress-type pressure-reducing support surface (PRSS). The DME MACs remind suppliers that billing a hospital bed with mattress in conjunction with a mattress-type support surface (i.e., not a support surface mattress overlay) is considered to be a claim for duplicate items (same or similar). Suppliers must not bill HCPCS codes for two types of mattresses concurrently.

Please refer to the joint DME-MAC DMD articles titled Billing Instructions: Hospital Beds and Pressure-Reducing Support Surfaces. This article contains special billing instructions for beneficiary-owned hospital beds, capped rental beds, and new initial rental hospital beds, including scenarios and HCPCS codes with descriptors detailing the Group 1 and Group 2 mattress-type PRSS and the hospital beds that include mattresses.

Last Updated May 16 , 2024