Coordination of Benefits: Crossover Claims Issue - Resolved 05/27/21

Provider/Supplier Type(s) Impacted: Not applicable.

Reason Codes: Not applicable.

Claim Coding Impact: Not applicable.

Description of Issue: CMS reported a system issue on 04/08/21 - 04/15/21, that prevented Medicare Part A and B (including Durable Medical Equipment) crossover claims from crossing to certain supplemental payers. The issue was corrected on 04/16/21; however, the system issue impacts claims finalizing through approximately 04/25/21, for electronic claims and 05/11/21, for paper claims. Additionally, extraneous claims were crossed over to entities that normally would not receive these claim types.

Noridian Action Required: Informational only.

Provider/Supplier Action Required: If this issue affected your patients’ supplemental payer, bill them using your normal procedures (if Medicare claims weren’t crossed over). A link to the list of supplemental payers affected by this issue can be found in the 04/29/21, CMS MLN Connects. The CMS link provides separate files for Part A, Part B, and DME supplemental payers that have been affected. Affected payers will be notified of the extraneous claims.

Proposed Resolution/Solution: Informational only.

Date Reported: 05/12/21

Date Resolved: 05/27/21


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