Glucose Monitor (CGM) Modifiers: CG, KF, KS and KX

For blood glucose monitors (codes E0607, E2100, E2101) and related supplies (A4233-A4236, A4244-A4247, A4250, A4253-A4259) and CGM devices (K0554, E2102) and supply allowance (K0553, A4238), the following modifiers must be added to the code(s) on every claim submitted.

  • Use modifier KX if the beneficiary is insulin treated, or
  • Use modifier KS if the beneficiary is non-insulin treated.

For CGM devices (code K0554) and the supply allowance (code K0553):

For an adjunctive CGM (E2102) incorporated into an insulin infusion pump and supply allowance (code A4238):

CGMs (K0554 and E2102) and related supplies (A4238 and K0553) which are classified by the Food & Drug Administration as Class III devices:

Last Updated Dec 14 , 2022