K0553 and K0554 Rejected in Error - Resolved 01/19/23

Provider/Supplier Type(s) Impacted: Not applicable.

Reason Codes: CARC 4, RARC N519

Claim Coding Impact: K0553, K0554

Description of Issue: Claims for HCPCS Codes K0553 and K0554 rejected incorrectly with CARC 4 and RARC N519 when submitted with no KF modifier. The issue impacts claims processed between 12/28/22 and 01/03/23.

Noridian Action Required: Noridian has corrected the claims system logic issue.

Provider/Supplier Action Required: Suppliers may resubmit claims rejected in error.

Proposed Resolution/Solution: The claims system logic issue has been corrected.

Date Reported: 01/04/23

Date Resolved: 01/19/23

Last Updated Mar 10 , 2023