RR Modifier Rejected in Error - Resolved 05/24/23

Provider/Supplier Type(s) Impacted: Not applicable.

Reason Codes: CARC 4, RARC N519

Claim Coding Impact: RR modifier

Description of Issue: An issue with the RR pricing modifier caused claims to reject front-end at CEDI between 05/05/23 and 05/06/23. Pending claims that included the RR modifier that were processed may have rejected.

Noridian Action Required: Corrections to the RR modifier logic were made on 05/05/23.

Provider/Supplier Action Required: Suppliers should resubmit the claims that were rejected between 05/05/23 and 05/06/23. If any pending claims were rejected, those should be resubmitted.

Proposed Resolution/Solution: Suppliers that have claims with the RR modifier that were rejected at CEDI should resubmit those claims. Suppliers that had claims with the RR modifier reject with CARC 4 and RARC N519 should resubmit those claims.

Date Reported: 05/08/23

Date Resolved: 05/24/23


Last Updated Jun 21 , 2023