Self Service Reopenings Available on NMP

Noridian encourages suppliers to use the Self Service Reopening function on the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) to initiate a reopening. Take advantage of this self-service tool to eliminate time-consuming faxing, hardcopy mailing, or calling into the Contact Center. These adjustments are made in a real-time and a confirmation number is provided.

Reopening adjustments available on NMP:

  • Billed Amount
  • Modifier
  • Date of Service (excludes change of year)
  • Place of Service (only to POS 12)
  • Reprocessing
  • Diagnosis Code
  • Procedure Code and Billed Amount
  • Procedure Code, Modifier and Billed Amount
  • Units and Billed Amount
  • Units, Modifier and Billed Amount

Visit the Noridian Medicare Portal page today to learn more and for information on how to register if your facility is not yet enrolled. Share this notice with the company official so the organization can learn about all the benefits of joining.

Last Updated Feb 26, 2018