CERT Contractors

Empower AI, Inc. is the CERT Review Contractor and the CERT Documentation Contractor.

CERT Review Contractor

Empower AI, Inc., a Program Safeguard Contractor (PSC), administers the activities of the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) program. As the CERT Review Contractor, Empower AI, Inc. is responsible for:

  • Selecting a random sample of claims that have been received by each Medicare contractor every month.
  • Reviewing the selected claims and associated medical record documentation to determine if the claim was appropriately adjudicated according to Medicare regulations/guidelines.

CERT Documentation Contractor

Empower AI, Inc's role as the CERT documentation contractor is to streamline the record request and receipt functions.

The CERT Documentation Contractor is responsible for:

  • Requesting and receiving medical record documents;
  • Maintaining a document tracking system;
  • Providing a website for updating supplier addresses and contact information;
  • Scanning the medical records into a retrieval system; and
  • Operating a call center to answer contractor and supplier questions regarding CERT.

Effective April 13, 2022, the mailing address for the CERT Documentation Center has changed to the mailing address listed below. After May 31, 2022, mail received at the former address will be returned to the sender.

Mailing Address Empower AI, Inc.
CERT Documentation Center
8701 Park Central Drive, Suite 400-A
Richmond, VA 23227
Phone 1-888-779-7477 or 1-443-663-2699
Fax 1-804-261-8100
Email CertProvider@empower.ai


Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023