CEDI Help Desk

The National Government Services Common Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI) Help Desk:

The CEDI Help Desk will answer questions and provide support for the following:

  • CEDI Enrollment Status
  • Support for electronic formats
    • X12 837 claims
    • NCPDP claims
    • X12 835 electronic remittance advice
    • X12 276 claim status request
    • X12 277 claim status response
  • Verification of the receipt of files
  • Support for CEDI TA1, TRN, 999 and 277CA transactions
  • Support for CEDI NCPDP front end reports
  • Testing support for vendors and trading partners (electronic submitters)
  • CEDI password resets
  • Free/low cost software support
    • PC-ACE
    • MREP

Any questions regarding the below topics should be directed to the appropriate DME MAC. The CEDI Help Desk does not provide support for the following:

  • Claim Status Inquiry (CSI)
    • Enrollment or setup status
    • Logon or User ID
    • Password resets
    • Education
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • Setup Status
    • Questions regarding payments or banking information
  • Status of claims in the Jurisdiction A, B, C and/or D DME MAC processing system
  • Questions regarding the adjudication of claims
  • Questions regarding the content of an Electronic Remittance Advice
    • Amount paid on a claim
    • Deductible or co-pays applied
    • Denied claims
Last Updated Jan 10 , 2024