Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT)

Quarterly ACTs are designed to open conversation between the supplier community and Noridian. These calls allow for timely identification of problems and information sharing in an informal and interactive atmosphere.

The ACTs are conducted through a web-based training tool which requires an internet connection and a telephone.

Attendance Options

  1. To view the presentation displayed throughout the meeting, online registration is required
  2. To attend via teleconference only, no registration is necessary - phone number available below
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Submitting a Question Prior to an ACT

Suppliers are encouraged to email with an inquiry prior to a scheduled ACT. Emails received within 24 hours of the meeting may not be addressed during the meeting but will be included in the minutes and available at the "Minutes and Questions and Answers" section below. Do not include Protected Health Information (PHI) in the submitted questions or during the meeting.

Calling into an ACT

ACTs start promptly at the time designated in the schedule listing. Upon placing the call, suppliers must provide the operator with the information noted below.

  • Conference Name: Noridian DME Jurisdiction A Ask the Contractor Teleconference
  • Your first and last name
  • Name of Business
  • City/State

Representatives from various Noridian Medicare DME teams will be available to address your questions and concerns.

Minutes and Questions and Answers

Per CMS Internet Only Manual (IOM), Publication 100-09, Chapter 6, Section 20.6.2, a complete question-and-answer document will be published below within 30 business days following an ACT. The question-and-answer document will include all questions asked and answered during the ACT, as well as any information that was presented that was not part of a question or an answer. If no answer could be provided at the ACT for a question that was asked during the teleconference, the question-and-answer will include that question and its answer.

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Last Updated Nov 09, 2018