Policy Article Revisions Summary for September 13, 2018

Outlined below are the principal changes to the DME MAC Policy Article (PA) that has been revised and posted. The policy included is Power Mobility Devices. Please review the entire LCD and related PA for complete information.

Power Mobility Devices
Policy Article
Revision Effective Date: 09/01/2018

Revised: ADMC, Prior Authorization of Power Mobility Devices (PMD) Demonstration and Condition of Payment Prior Authorization Program information
09/13/2018: At this time 21st Century Cures Act applies to new and revised LCDs that restrict coverage, which require comment and notice. This revision is to an article that is not a local coverage determination.

Note: The information contained in this article is only a summary of revisions to the LCDs and PAs.  For complete information on any topic, you must review the LCDs and/or PAs.

Last Updated Sep 11 , 2018