Modifiers TA, T1-T9

Modifier Brief Description
TA Left foot, great toe
T1 Left foot, second digit
T2 Left foot, third digit
T3 Left foot, fourth digit
T4 Left foot, fifth digit
T5 Right foot, great toe
T6 Right foot, second digit
T7 Right foot, third digit
T8 Right foot, fourth digit
T9 Right foot, fifth digit


Append appropriate modifier to HCPCS E1830 (Dynamic adjustable toe extension/flexion device, includes soft interface material) or E1831 (Static progressive stretch toe device, extension and/or flexion, with or without range of motion adjustment, includes all components and accessories).

Failure to append appropriate modifier to claim lines with HCPCS E1825, E1830 or E1831 will result in a rejection for incorrect coding.



Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023