Total Enrollment: EDI Enrollment

Before registering with EDI, complete Steps 1-6 for Provider Enrollment

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Support Services (EDISS) is the Noridian team providing the EDI solution for thousands of submitters across multiple lines of business. EDISS provides and supports all aspects tied to electronic registration and claims submission for Medicare providers and vendors. 

Exchanging data electronically provides you the ability to quickly and efficiently transfer health care information in a safe, secure and cost-effective way. There are many benefits tied to exchanging provider data electronically. For a complete list, visit the EDISS Registration webpage.

To enroll in EDI, follow the steps below.

Step 7: Identify Connectivity/Submission Method

EDISS supports two options:

  1. Direct via Connectivity Vendor
    1. Allows providers to exchange data and handle connectivity using a Network Service Vendors pre-established EDI connection
  2. Third-Party Vendor (Clearinghouse/Billing Service)
    1. Allows vendor to act on provider's behalf for data exchange and connectivity
    2. For a list of available Third-Party Vendors, visit EDISS Vendor List

Note: If a direct method of exchange is selected, ensure a billing software has been identified. For a list of available software options supported by EDISS, visit the EDISS Software/Connectivity webpage.

To help determine which connectivity option would best fit a provider's needs, visit the EDISS Software/Connectivity webpage.

Step 8: Complete 'EDISS Connect' Registration

EDISS ‘Connect' is a user-friendly online registration tool that allows providers to update basic facility information, manage billing National Provider Identifiers (NPIs), update lines of business, add or change vendor associations, and select electronic transactions online. Registration with EDISS is broken into two parts: Establishing provider account and registering provider transactions.

  • For establishing provider account, provider will need:
    • Billing NPI
    • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Facility Demographic Information
    • Primary EDI Contact
  • For registering Provider transactions, provider will need:
    • Decide on how data will be exchanged (identified in Step 7)
    • Identify state and Line of Business that will be registered
    • Identify transactions that will be registered
      • 837 – Claim Submission
      • 835 – Electronic Remittance Advice
      • 276 – Batch Claim Status Request

EDISS has various guides and tutorials to walk providers through the registration process, visit the EDISS Registration webpage.

Step 9: Registration Completed

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