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On this page, view identified claims processing related issues.

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Articles Source Posted
38361 Reason Code Return Claims to Provider (RTPd) in Error - Resolved 05/10/23 Alert 04/17/2023
COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibodies and Their Administration Codes RTP in Error - Resolved 02/13/23 Alert 02/10/2023
Vacating Differential Payment Rate for 340B-Acquired Drugs in 2022 Outpatient Prospective Payment System Final Rule with Comment Period - Resolved 10/26/22 Alert 10/21/2022
0202U Incorrectly Paid - Resolved 10/04/22 Alert 10/05/2022
Manipulated, Reconstituted and/or Injectable Amniotic and Placental Derived Products - Resolved 10/03/22 Alert 10/05/2022