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Medical Review FAQs - JE Part A

Medical Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I send in a CD with documentation for probe review?
A1. There are several requirements for submitting documentation on a CD to Noridian, including formatting, multiple requests, confidentiality, CD passwords, and mailing addresses. For specific instructions to meet requirements refer to How Do I Respond to an ADR.

Q2. Where can I find information on signature requirements?
A2. For information on signature requirements and additional references refer to Medical Documentation Signature Requirements.

Q3. When should we send in documentation in response to an ADR?
A3. Providers have 45 days to submit documentation. Noridian recommends submitting  documentation as soon as possible and not waiting for large batches of selected claims if more than one medical record request was requested to ensure meeting timely submission. The earlier you send the documentation in the sooner Noridian will be able to complete review and process the claim, therefore, decrease the suspended processing of the claim and potential reimbursement for pre-pay requested medical record claims.


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