Billing and Coding: Flow Cytometry - R1

This Local Coverage Determination (LCD) has been revised under contractor numbers: 02101 (AK), 02201 (ID), 02301 (OR), 02401 (WA), 03101 (AZ), 03201 (MT), 03301 (ND), 03401 (SD), 03501 (UT), and 03601 (WY).

LCD Medicare Coverage Database (MCD) Number: L36094
LCA Medicare Coverage Database Number: A57690
Effective Date: March 17, 2020
Summary of Changes: The Billing and Coding Article has been updated to add and confirm the following diagnosis codes effective on the dates of service (DOS) specified.

  • Added the following diagnosis codes as they were erroneously deleted with the update effective DOS 12/01/2019.
    • A18.01, C21.2, C22.3-C22.4, C34.01-C34.02, C34.11-C34.1, 2C34.31-C34.32, C34.81-C34.82, C40.01-C40.02, C40.11-C40.12, C40.21-C40.22, C40.31-C40.32, C40.81-C40.82, C44.212-C44.219, C44.222-C44.229, C44.292-C44.299, C44.612-C44.619, C44.622- C44.629, C44.692-C44.699, C44.712-C44.719, C44.722-C44.729, C44.792-C44.799, C45.0-C45.1, C45.7, C47.0, C47.11-C47.12, C47.21-C47.5, C49.11-C49.12, C49.21- C49.22, C49.A0-C49.A9, C50.011-C50.012, C50.021-C50.022, C50.111- C50.112,C50.121-C50.122, C50.211-C50.212, C50.221-C50.222, C50.311-C50.312, C50.321-C50.322, C50.411-C50.412, C50.421-C50.422, C50.511-C50.512, C50.521- C50.522, C50.611-C50.612, C50.621-C50.622, C50.811-C50.812, C50.821-C50.822, C51.8, C56.1-C56.2, C62.01-C62.02, C62.11-C62.1, C63.01-C63.02,C63.11-C63.12, C64.1-C64.2, C65.1-C65.2, C66.1-C66.2, C69.01-C69.02, C69.11-C69.12, C69.21- C69.22, C69.31-C69.32, C69.41-C69.42, C69.51-C69.52, C69.61-C69.62, C69.81-C69.82, C72.21-C72.22, C72.31-C72.32, C72.41-C72.42, C72.59, C74.01-C74.02, C74.11-C74.12, D05.01-D05.02, D05.11-D05.12, D05.81-D05.82, D35.01-D35.02, D37.09, D37.3, D39.11-D39.12, D40.11-D40.12, D48.2, D48.61-D48.62, D57.01, D57.211, D57.811-D57.812, D73.0, D82.2-D82.8, D84.0, D84.8, D89.40-D89.49, K50.011-K50.018, K50.111-K50.118, K50.811-K50.818, K51.011-K51.018, K51.211-K51.218, K51.311-K51.318, K51.411-K51.418, K51.511-K51.518, L40.51-L40.53, M02.311-M02.312, M02.321-M02.322, M02.331-M02.332, M02.341-M02.342, M02.351-M02.352, M02.361-M02.362, M02.371-M02.372, M02.38-M02.39, M08.1, M08.211-M08.212, M08.221-M08.222, M08.231-M08.232, M08.241-M08.242, M08.251-M08.252, M08.261-M08.262, M08.271-M08.272, M08.28-M08.3, M08.811-M08.812, M08.821-M08.822, M08.831-M08.832, M08.841-M08.842, M08.851-M08.852, M08.861-M08.862, M08.871-M08.872, M08.88-M08.89, M45.0-M45.8, M46.01-M46.09, M46.51-M46.59, M46.81-M46.89, M48.8X1-M48.8X8, M49.81-M49.89, N42.30-N42.39, O01.0-O01.1, R87.618, T86.830-T86.838 and Z95.4.
  • Confirmed the addition of the following diagnosis codes as they were erroneously added with the update effective DOS 12/01/2019.
    • C15.9, C16.5, C16.6, C16.9, C17.9, C18.9, C21.0, C22.8, C25.9, C26.0, C31.9, C32.9, C34.00, C34.10, C34.30, C34.80C34.90, C38.3, C39.0, C39.9, C40.00, C40.10, C40.20, C40.30, C41.9, C44.00, C44.101, C44.1021, C44.1022, C44.1091, C44.1092, C44.111, C44.121, C44.191, C44.201, C44.211, C44.221, C44.291, C44.300, C44.301, C44.309, C44.310, C44.320, C44.390, C44.40, C44.500, C44.501, C44.509, C44.601, C44.611, C44.621, C44.691, C44.701, C44.711, C44.721, C44.791, C44.80, C44.90, C44.91, C44.92, C44.99, C46.50, C46.9, C48.2, C49.10, C49.20, C49.6, C49.9, C50.019, C50.029, C50.119, C50.219, C50.319, C50.419, C50.519, C50.619, C50.819, C50.919, C50.929, C51.9, C53.9, C54.9, C55, C56.9, C57.4, C57.9, C60.9, C62.00, C62.10, C62.90, C63.00, C63.10, C63.9, C64.9, C65.9, C66.9, C67.9, C68.9, C69.00, C69.10, C69.20, C69.30, C69.40, C69.50, C69.60, C69.80, C69.90, C70.9, C71.9, C72.50, C72.9, C74.90, C75.8, C75.9, C76.40, C76.50, C77.0, C77.1, C77.2, C77.3, C77.4, C77.5, C77.8, C77.9, C78.00, C79.00, C79.60, C79.70, C79.89, C80.0, C80.1, C81.00, C81.10, C81.20, C81.30, C81.40, C81.70, C81.90, C81.91, C81.92, C81.93, C81.94, C81.95, C81.96, C81.97, C81.98, C81.99, C82.00, C82.10, C82.20, C82.21, C82.22, C82.23, C82.24, C82.25, C82.26, C82.27, C82.28, C82.29, C82.30, C82.40, C82.50, C82.60, C82.80, C82.90, C82.91, C82.92, C82.93, C82.94, C82.95, C82.96, C82.97, C82.98, C82.99, C83.00, C83.10, C83.30, C83.50, C83.70, C83.80, C83.90, C83.91, C83.92, C83.93, C83.94, C83.95, C83.96, C83.97, C83.98, C83.99, C84.00, C84.10, C84.40, C84.60, C84.70, C84.90, C84.91, C84.92, C84.93, C84.94, C84.95, C84.96, C84.97, C84.98, C84.99, C84.A0, C84.A1, C84.A2, C84.A3, C84.A4, C84.A5, C84.A6, C84.A7, C84.A8, C84.A9, C84.Z0, C85.10, C85.20, C85.80, C85.90, C88.9, C91.90,, C91.91, C91.92, C92.90, C92.91, C92.92, C93.90, C93.91, C93.92, C95.00, C95.01, C95.02, C95.10, C95.11, C95.12, C95.90, C95.91, C95.92, C96.9, D05.90, D35.00, D37.039, D37.9, D38.6, D39.10, D39.9, D40.10, D40.9, D46.20, D47.9, D48.60, D56.9, D57.00, D57.219, D57.819, D59.9, D60.9, D61.9, D72.9, D73.9, D81.9, D83.9, D84.9, D89.813, D89.9, H20.9, I82.91, K50.90, K51.90, M02.30, M08.00, M35.9, M45.9, M46.00, M46.80, M46.90, M49.80, O01.9, R19.00, R59.9, R80.1, R80.9, T86.00, T86.10, T86.20, T86.30, T86.40, T86.819, T86.859, T86.899, T86.90, T86.91, T86.92, T86.93, T86.99, Z03.89 and Z94.9
  • Added the following diagnosis codes effective DOS 03/17/2020.
    • L53.9 - Erythematous condition, unspecified;
    • L98.9 - Disorder of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, unspecified;
    • R83.6 - Abnormal cytological findings in cerebrospinal fluid;
    • R84.6 - Abnormal cytological findings in specimens from respiratory organs and thorax;
    • R90.0 -Intracranial space-occupying lesion found on diagnostic imaging of central nervous system; and
    • R90.89 - Other abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging of central nervous system.

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