Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT)

The ACT is designed to open communication between the provider community and Noridian. These calls allow for timely identification of problems and information sharing in an informal and interactive atmosphere. No Personal Health Information (PHI) is allowed during these calls.

Noridian representatives from various departments including Appeals, Claims Processing, Electronic Data Interchange Support Services (EDISS), Medical Review (MR), Provider Contact Center (PCC), Provider Enrollment, Provider Outreach and Education (POE), and System Support may be available to address your questions.

Upcoming Dates and Topics

Attendees must register through a free web-based training tool (GoToWebinar) which requires an Internet connection and a toll-free telephone number (provided in confirmation email). Allow email Unless otherwise specified, ACTs are general in nature.

Noridian does not issue CEUs for ACT events. ACTs are one-hour question-and-answer sessions and not a presentation of structured material.

Time: 3-4 p.m. Central Time (CT)

Ways to Ask Questions and Answers

  • During GoToWebinar, under Menu, Questions section; type question and various Noridian team representatives will be available to answer
  • Up to five days prior, may complete Part A ACT Provider Question Submission [PDF] form to submit pre-question(s) for the scheduled ACT

Per CMS Internet Only Manual (IOM), Publication 100-09, Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Beneficiary and Provider Communications Manual, Chapter 6, Section 20.6.2, questions and answers will be published within 30 business days following an ACT.

ACT Questions and Answers

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