Medicare Cost Report electronic Filing (MCReF)

Medicare Cost Report electronic Filing (MCReF) is the CMS authorized portal for electronic submission of the cost report. This portal is accessible by the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PS&R) Security Official (SO) and Backup Security Official (BSO).

Who Can Submit Cost Report

  • Whomever is designated by SO or BSO
    • Access may be given to multiple individuals
  • Individual must request EIDM access, if they do not already have it
  • EIDM will contact SO and/or BSO to confirm EIDM access requester is approved

Getting Set Up

Submit Cost Report

  • Login to MCReF
  • For additional information, such as required elements and timeliness factors, see Cost Report webpage

MCReF Benefits

  • Prevents rejection and possible payment suspension due to filing to incorrect Medicare Administrative Contactor (MAC)
    • Submissions through MCReF are issued to correct MAC
  • Receive immediate notification Medicare Cost Report (MCR) is received
  • Received timely if submitting though MCReF before 11:59 p.m. ET on/before cost report due date
  • Save time compiling paperwork (files) required to create electronic media and mail MCR package
  • Save on cost to mail MCR to MAC
  • Large provider chains working with multiple MACs only need to submit once though MCReF instead of issuing to each MAC
  • MCReF has a simple, straightforward user interface with just one screen


For alternative cost report methods of submission, see the Mail and Contact Information - Cost Reports webpage.


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