RETIRED - Changing a 7-Element-Order for a Power Mobility Device

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Posted September 14, 2012

The DME MACs continue to receive questions about making a change to a 7-Element-Order for a Power Mobility Device. To minimize possible misunderstanding, it is recommended that when the need for a correction is identified, the supplier should request that the physician who completed the original 7-Element-Order complete and submit a new 7-Element-Order.

If a new 7-Element-Order cannot be obtained, a corrected 7-Element-Order is acceptable only when properly corrected/amended by the physician who originally signed it. A properly corrected/amended record must:

1. Clearly and permanently identify any alteration or addition

2. Clearly indicate the date and author of any alteration or addition

3. Preserve the legibility of the original order by means of a single, narrow line made through any deletion.

Any deletion made and/or any addition written must be completed only by the physician who created the original 7-element-Order, who must legibly sign and date each change as noted above.

In addition, a corrected 7-Element-Order is acceptable only when the corrections/amendments are made prior to the completion of any Detailed Product Description (DPD). Furthermore, the correction/amendment must be completed prior to the Date of Service (DOS) of the claim.

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