CERT Task Force

A joint collaboration of Medicare DME MACs to communicate national issues of concern regarding improper payments

CERT DME MAC Outreach & Education Task Force for Error-Free Medicare Claims

CERT Taskforce Presentation for Nebulizers - Dec 7, 2016 [PDF]

CERT Taskforce Presentation for Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes - Dec 9, 2015 [PDF]

Last Updated Dec 13, 2016

Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT)

Since 1996, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented several initiatives to prevent improper payments. CMS' goal is to reduce payment errors by identifying and addressing billing errors concerning coverage and coding. The CERT is one of the programs created by CMS to assist in eliminating improper payments.

AdvanceMed is the CERT Review Contractor as well as the CERT Documentation Contractor. As a CERT Review Contractor, AdvanceMed completes audits on randomly selected claims submitted to Noridian. Once a claim has been selected for audit, AdvanceMed will send out a Medical Record Request Letter to the supplier requesting all documentation supporting the claim that has been pulled for audit.

Topic Description
CERT Articles Learn more about common CERT errors and answers to common CERT questions.
CERT Contractors AdvanceMed is the CERT Review Contractor as well as the CERT Documentation Contractor.
CERT Email

Suppliers may submit CERT-related inquiries via email.

CERT Quick Look Documentation Chart

A quick look reference guide of common Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) policies under review and the documentation that is usually required for the policy criteria to be met.

CERT Review Process

The process for receiving and responding to CERT requests.

Noridian CERT-Related Communications

A listing of the most common types of communication that suppliers will receive from Noridian, primarily by fax, is provided


Last Updated Oct 06, 2016

CERT Contacts

  • Noridian CERT Phone Number
    • 701-433-3090
  • Noridian CERT Email
  • CERT Contact Center
    • 888-779-7477
  • CERT Additional Documentation Fax
    • 804-261-8100

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Last Updated Oct 06, 2016