Site Tour

The Noridian website has been designed with the user in mind. This site tour will give a high-level overview of the different sections of the website and highlight areas that may be of interest.


  • Noridian Logo - The Noridian logo located on the upper left of the header serves as a link to the Noridian Medicare homepage.
  • Jurisdiction and Line of Business - This section in the center of the header includes the jurisdiction (states and territories) served by the page content.
  • Quick Links - The quick links on the right of the header give user fast access to Contact Us, Help, and Tools pages as well as a link to the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) Login.
  • Search - The Search input also located on the right of the header allows for searching the Noridian website for content related to user topic of interest.
  • Main Navigation Menu - Content on the Noridian website has been categorized based on similar resources and topics. Hover over, or click on, a category title to view a sub-menu of pages available.

Main Navigation Menu Descriptions

  • Browse by Topic - Resources for Documentation, Modifiers, the Noridian Medicare Portal, and other commonly used resources.
  • Browse by DMEPOS Category - Resources specific to a topic such as Glucose Monitors, Nebulizers, PMDs and Therapeutic Shoes.
  • Fees & News - Includes the most current fee schedules, Noridian published bulletins that contain articles published within the last two years, Latest Updates articles and email listserv registration.
  • Policies - Contains Active, Draft, Retired and Future Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), Medical Director Articles and Physician Resource Letters.
  • Medical Review - Resources for the various entities that conduct reviews of claims processed by Medicare which include Noridian's Medical Review, CERT, Recovery Auditor, and the OIG.
  • Education & Outreach - Includes the Schedule of Events for upcoming workshops, teleconferences or in-person training. Also offers past presentations and questions and answers on a variety of topics.
  • Claims & Appeals - Offers resources on Appeals, Claim Submission, MSP and Overpayments.
  • Forms - A listing of commonly used Medicare forms.

When a category off the Navigation menu is chosen, a left-hand navigation menu specific to the category displays. The left-hand navigation is not an all-inclusive listing off all pages found under that category, but rather a starting point for viewing that section.

The middle section of the main page of each category, will also contain links with a brief description to pages included in that category.


  • Contact and Support - Links to the contact pages, Site Maps, file viewers, and other links that may be helpful while viewing the website.
  • Tools and External Resources - Quick links to the most commonly used tools and guides. External Resources provides links to CMS resources along with other frequently used websites.
  • Keep Current - Subscribe to the Noridian email listserv to stay up-to-date with Noridian and Medicare news.

Search Engine

A website search can be conducted using a specific term or phrase to locate all available resources published on that topic. When the search results are returned, a listing displays the title and a description of the webpage that can be used when deciding which search result is applicable for the business need.

The search results may be filtered by including only content in a particular category, specialty, topic or by the date published or last updated. A filtered search will narrow down the number of results received for a more specialized search.

External Website Hyperlinks

Noridian uses an icon ( ) after links to indicate if it will navigate to an external, non-Noridian, website.

Last Updated Dec 10 , 2023