Continuous Passive Motion Machine Coding Guidelines

Original Effective Date: 03/20/2008
Revision Effective Date: 02/12/2014

The following article was provided by SADMERC.

Continuous Passive Motion devices are used to exercise joints following injury or surgery.

  • E0935 - Continuous passive motion exercise device for use on knee only
  • E0936 - Continuous passive motion exercise device for use other than knee.

Recent questions regarding the exact nature of these devices reveal confusion regarding the nature and functionality of these devices. These coding guidelines clarify the types of products described by the CPM codes.

The first test of any durable medical equipment is that it be durable and capable of repeated use over the expected five year useful life expectancy. Elastic, fabric, single use, or light plastic devices are not durable and do not meet the test for DME.

Secondly, the equipment must be capable of continuous passive motion of the affected limb. These characteristics mean that the device must have inherent within itself the ability to move the affected limb:

  • in an appropriate plane of motion
  • in a continuous fashion
  • at the same rate of speed
  • for a prescribed length of time
  • with adjustable limits of range of motion
  • with an identical range of motion in each cycle
  • without any input from the patient by the contralateral or other limbs
  • with easily accessible safety or cutoff switches

These characteristics require that the device be electrically powered, either by AC current or battery. Battery powered models must have an AC adapter for long term use. CPM machines must meet all these characteristics in order to be coded as E0935 or E0936.


Last Updated Nov 21 , 2023